Case Studies

Financial Services Case Study
A $10M trade that could not be processed? Countless finger-pointing to try and assess blame? Limited visibility into the real cause of the problem? In the extremely competitive Financial Services industry, the ability to flawlessly process transactions is critical. Delays in financial trading transactions application performance can, and did, result in tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue for this Fortune 100 Financial Services Company. Learn how SL's RTView Enterprise Monitor finally gave them the visibility they needed.

SL RTView delivers Application Performance Management for OOCL

Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL)
OOCL uses RTView as a real-time Application Performance Management (APM) platform to monitor and manage its end-to-end shipment lifecycle. This Central Monitoring and Control system helps OOCL to ensure SLA compliance for over 2.5 million shipments each year.

Leading tax solution provider, Intuit, chooses RTView to manage application performance in support of product orders, ensuring capacity and order integrity during high-volume tax seasons.

SL RTView delivers APM for Smart & Final

Smart & Final
Smart & Final leverages SL RTView as an APM solution to streamline their supply chain process - significantly minimizing both direct revenue loss and costs related to lost productivity and increasing productivity of their operations and IT teams.

New York Independent System Operator
NYISO manages New York’s complex electricity commodity market in which power is purchased and sold on the basis of competitive bidding. They chose RTView as their BAM platform to monitor and analyze both operational data and market pricing data in real time.

Progress Apama BAM embeds SL RTView

Progress Apama Dashboard
Progress Software embeds SL RTView to deliver a customizable, real-time BAM interface for customers using the Progress Apama event processing (CEP) engine. The product is re-branded as Progress Apama BAM.

SL RTView delivers BAM for RSG

Risk Sciences Group
RSG leverages SL RTView as a BAM solution to differentiate themselves from the competition in the insurance and risk management market by more thoroughly addressing the demand for business intelligence, including providing their clients with real-time visibility into trends in claims and settlements to identify areas requiring immediate management attention.

Video Case Studies

Fortune 500 Insurance: an RTView Enterprise Monitor - TIBCO Case Study
See how one of the leading insurance providers has integrated high level, application-centric displays and aggregated alert views across EMS, BusinessWorks and BusinessEvents, with the ability to drill down to the detail of any component.

SL RTView delivers Application Performance Management for OOCL

Retail: an RTView Enterprise Monitor - TIBCO Case Study
Learn how a well-known retail store created a central monitoring system that aggregates EMS and BusinessWorks monitoring data and alerts from each of over 3,000 stores.

Transportation and Logistics: an RTView Enterprise Monitor - TIBCO Case Study
Discover how one of the world’s largest transportation and logistics companies monitors and correlates performance data – across all of their EMS servers, as well as their BusinessWorks and BusinessEvents engines – with their critical business services.


Give ‘Em What They Want!  Self-Service Monitoring in a Shared Services Environment.
Self-service monitoring dashboards enhance cross-department productivity and reduce information reporting burden on middleware operations teams.

Watch as Intuit shares their professional best practices for providing real-time and historic health and performance information on their shared middleware platform to different groups across the enterprise using RTView® self-service dashboards.


OOCL: Tracking for Trouble Centralized Control Center, Improved Business Performance

Matt Rosen, OOCL, discusses how they mitigated risk by implementing and leveraging a centralized, real-time control center to actively monitor the performance and reliability of applications, systems, and services in their TIBCO infrastructure


ON24 Success Story - Harnessing the Power of Oracle WebLogic Server and Coherence*Web

Learn how ON24 successfully achieved higher throughput, lower latencies, more concurrent users and a large increase in hardware ROI by using RTView to overcome the challenges associated with managing sessions across large Oracle WebLogic Server clusters.

Join us as we share the details on low-overhead system monitoring and management, including data aggregation and analysis.


Healthways Delivers Almost Infinite Scalability for Their “Grid Everywhere” Environment using RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor
A customer success story from Healthways

Kevin Forbes, enterprise architect for Healthways, provides an in-depth look at how Healthways has been able to deliver almost infinite scalability for their Embrace platform, front-ending their entire database infrastructure, using SL’s RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor.


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