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“RTView is very powerful for us and useful.  I am a very happy customer.”

Stephan Janssen – Founder of Parleys.com, BeJUG and Devoxx

SL RTView delivers APM for Smart & Final

“RTView has given us a single view across our complex heterogeneous environment, and has done so in a way that has made our operations and IT teams more effective. This enhanced visibility has streamlined our supply chain process, minimizing system degradations and associated revenue loss and costs related to lost productivity.”

Anna Papp
Portal, Integration and Reporting Project Manager, Smart & Final

“SL’s reception to my input on their products and their willingness to share their expertise with me are signs that SL is a company that “gets it.” The sale is not the end of a successful relationship between a software vendor and a customer. Listening to customer input and acting on suggestions adds value for all of SL’s customers and sets SL apart from the enterprise ISV pack.”

Bill Schuller
Senior Software Engineer, Intuit

SL RTView delivers APM for Smart & Final

“We probably could have delivered this level of real-time visibility, and achieved these results, without RTView, but it would have been extremely expensive and difficult both to deliver and to extend. RTView is what made this particular BAM solution possible.”

Velvet Schultz
Director, Information Technology, Harrah’s

BEA Event Server embeds SL RTView

“Our use of the RTView platform can not only provide our customers with the ability to gain more meaningful visibility into their event processing environments, but can also allow BEA to quickly show the value of our approach.”

Guy Churchward
Vice President of WebLogic Products, BEA Systems.

SL - Customer Testimonials

“We are already using StreamBase’s CEP platform and SL’s RTView for load balancing, analyzing game mechanics, and evaluating marketing metrics. We are also building tools to monitor player data to prevent exploits. HeroEngine is designed from the ground up to enable real-time changes and updates to MMO games. These world-class technologies are a perfect fit for HeroEngine.”

David Whatley
Simutronics CEO and HeroEngine Designer

SL RTView delivers BAM for HeroEngine

“The high degree of success in our deployment would not have been possible without SL’s strong level of support. SL’s effective training, consulting, and other support services met NYISO’s every need throughout the project.”

John Bub
Senior Analyst, NYISO Business Requirements Group

Progress Apama BAM embeds SL RTView

“We brought [the Apama Dashboard based on SL’s RTView] to market very quickly. The demand was great and the response to the offering has been excellent. Customers are coming forward with a lot of ideas about how they want to use this functionality.”

James Arsenault
Software Architect at Progress Software

Microgen uses SL RTView for BAM

“In today’s increasingly competitive markets it is vital that businesses can access timely and tangible information that will enable them to operate more effectively and efficiently. Using the Microgen Aptitude BPM suite, coupled with SL’s monitoring and visualisation expertise, means that we are able to provide organisations with the level of information they require at the right time, presented in a clear and concise graphical form.”

Tamara Kahn
Commercial, Public and Utilities Managing Director, Microgen

SL RTView delivers APM for OTA

“The number-one benefit of using RTView is our ability to quickly build a dashboard that can display real-time information from multiple systems... Now, instead of taking 15 minutes or more to identify the problem, we can do so in literally seconds.”

Charles Gagnon
Senior System Administrator, OTA

SL RTView delivers BAM for RSG

“Presenting your data graphically, in a concise manner, is really where it’s at. [RTView] enables us to push information out to the user so that decision makers can decide where to focus their efforts.”

Ken Ancona
Managing Director for Risk Sciences Group

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