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RTView Enterprise Monitor® collects, consolidates and enriches application and infrastructure performance data into a single app so that you can anticipate and fix problems BEFORE your customers notice anything at all.

Monitor entire applications and all their components from End-to-End. Visualize complex architectures for easy troubleshooting and rapid root cause analysis.

Monitor middleware platforms and the infrastructure components that they rely on so you can predict resource bandwidth constraints and understand the impact of one component on another.

Use historical data and trend charts to differentiate between building trends and transient spikes in performance and insightfully troubleshoot issues all the way back to where they started – even if you weren’t watching.

Map out your process flows visually so that support teams without intimate knowledge of application architecture can still see where the performance breakdowns are occurring so that they can escalate to the right people the first time.

Scale with confidence. Agent-less data collection imposes zero performance footprint. Distributed architecture is fast without flooding networks. Historical data storage managed with intelligent data compaction algorithms.

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