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SL Corporation's RTView Selected by Gazillion to Monitor and Analyze Gameplay

Leading Provider of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Games to Leverage RTView Across All Studios

Corte Madera, CA - June 9, 2009 - SL Corporation, a leading providerof real-time monitoring, analytics and visualization software, today announced thatGazillion Entertainment, a leading developer,publisher and operator of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, is using RTView enterprise-wide acrossall projects to monitor and analyze gameplay. The Gazillion studios are takingadvantage of the flexibility of the RTView platform to provide their variedteams with customized, real-time visibility into the multitude ofdifferent events that impact their customers.

For MMO games, the ability torespond to customer interests in real time can be the difference between asuccessful property and one that reacts too slowly and fizzles. Understandinggameplay - knowing where critical players are at any given time and how they'reinteracting with the property and organization - is of paramount importance.

There are a myriad of requirementsfrom different departments to understand customer gameplay. For example,requirements vary widely for game designers during play test sessions,marketing executives during promotional periods, and customer servicerepresentatives during in-game events. The flexibility of the RTView platformenables Gazillion to provide these different teams the right level ofvisibility to the right information in real time. Moreover, by combining themillions of real-time gameplay events with data sources from billing, customerservice and other systems, RTView can provide all team members with the full pictureof a player's experience.

"The RTView platform is a real-timevisibility mashup toolkit, said Marc Masnik,vice president of IT and Game Operations for Gazillion Entertainment. "Not onlycan we involve the wide array of real-time data feeds necessary to meet requirementsacross all of our varied projects, we can also accommodate different accesspoints and security layers, and present information in exactly the way eachteam needs to see it to best respond to customer interests. SL has proven overtheir 25 years of experience to be uniquely capable of ensuring that we, alongwith our IT partners, have complete visibility into what drives our players.

RTView currently provides Gazillion'sstudios with real-time visibility into critical play habits (via advancedinterfaces such as heat maps), game service and safety events, and conversionactivities - those activities that highlight play habits that will most likelyresult in conversion to full-paid subscriptions.

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Over the past 25years, SL Corporation has become the most knowledgeable and responsive providerof real-time monitoring, analytics, and visibility solutions. SL's flagshipproduct, RTView, addresses a broad spectrum of enterprise visibility challengesspanning application performance management (APM), business activity monitoring(BAM), and component-level infrastructure monitoring. RTView has also becomethe de facto standard for extending the visualization of complex eventprocessing (CEP) engines, TIBCO messaging middleware, Oracle Coherence datagrids, and custom applications. SL's exclusive focus on real-time visibilitysolutions, commitment to customer success, and partner-centric culture are whythousands of industry leaders have chosen to work with SL to support their mostcritical applications and businesses. SL Corporation can be reached at +1415-927-8400 or on the web at


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