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SL Corporation Announces Important Enhancements to RTView

Based Largely on Customer Requests, RTViewVersion 5.8 Boasts Over 100 New Features

Corte Madera, CA - December 7, 2010- SL Corporation, a leadingprovider of application performance management and component-level infrastructuremonitoring software, today announced over 100 new features and enhancements toits RTView product lines, the majority of which were in direct response to customer requests. Keyenhancements include:

  • new REST web service interface provides alternativeaccess to RTView data
  • a new data compaction feature that condenses thehistory table of a cache for more fine-grained control and greater performance
  • an enhanced cache data source that allows time-rangequeries to transparently access historical databases
  • a new symbol library with 100+ pre-configuredsymbol images, as well as image import capabilities

"At SL, there is a lot of focus on gatheringthe top desired enhancements from our customers and delivering them in a timelyfashion, said Rodney Morrison, vice president of Products for SL Corporation. "RTView5.8 has some extremely interesting new features that facilitate the creationand management of RTView solutions, open up the RTView platform to be extendedinto a variety of web application development environments, and significantlyincrease performance.

New REST Web Service Interface Provides Alternative Access to RTViewData
This new REST web service interfacecan be used to access RTView data using standard REST protocol, and make itavailable to any type of web-based application. In this capacity, the RTViewData Server can now be used simply as a centralized way to gather, normalizeand perform calculations on data from disparate sources, all in RTView'sinternal memory caches and accessed by the REST interface. The REST interfacecan also be used to execute SQL queries against remote databases.

New Data Compaction Feature Condenses the History Table of a Cache forMore Fine-Grained Control
A new data compaction mechanism hasbeen implemented for the Cache Data Source. This feature condenses the historytable of a cache by periodically applying a calculation (average, minimum,maximum, etc) to each column and storing a single result row in another cachetable. This feature complements the Historian's data compaction feature, whichcan be configured to compact rows in database tables as the data "ages.

Enhanced Cache Data Source Allows Time-Range Queries to Transparently AccessHistorical Databases
The Cache Data Source has beenenhanced to use SQL to extend the time range of a cache's history table. Now, acache can be configured so that an SQL query will be used to transparentlyretrieve data from an external database if the time period specified in a dataattachment extends beyond the range available in the cache's in-memory historytable. This feature provides a convenient way to retrieve cache data that wasstored in a database by the RTView Historian and use it on displays.

A New Symbol Library With 100+ Pre-Configured Symbol Images
A new Symbol Library has been addedto the RTView Builder that includes 100+ pre-configured, pixel-orientedmonitoring symbol images to choose from, with the option to import the user'sown custom images into the library. Thishelps to ensure standardized presentation of symbols and company brandingelements across monitoring applications.

Enhanced Performance of Displays Containing Table Objects With a LargeNumber of Rows of Data
A new RTView Display Server optionhas been added to help improve the performance of displays containing tableobjects with a large number of rows of data. The option enables server-sidetable paging and sorting of the table data rows in a thin client, rather thansending all of the rows to the client at once. RTView manages all of thecomplexity of determining which rows are being displayed, and how those rowsare sorted and navigated, significantly improving performance.

Additional features worthmentioning include:

  • A multi-threaded display servlet providessignificant improvements in performance when many users access the systemsimultaneously.
  • The RTView Builder Indicator Palette has beenenhanced, providing useful and commonly used indicator styles.
  • A new converter enables automatic conversion ofFX objects to an Apple-supported format.
  • Several alert enhancements and new command-lineoptions.

The complete set of RTView 5.8 releasenotes detailing the over 100 enhancements to the product can be found at: more information regarding the RTView, please visit request an evaluation copy of any products in the RTView product line,please visit

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