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Sybase Aleri Includes Adapter to SL Corporation's RTView

Leading Complex Event Processing Engine Provides Instant Access to Real-Time Visualization

Corte Madera, CA - April 5, 2011- SL Corporation, a leadingprovider of Application Performance Management and component-level monitoringsolutions, today announced that SybaseAleri Streaming Platform, version 3.2, now includes an adapter to RTView, a real-time,highly scalable and cost-effective visualization solution for complex eventprocessing engines. With RTView, Sybase Aleri users are able to more quicklyand accurately interpret raw event streams in order to make faster, betterbusiness decisions.

The Sybase Aleri Streaming Platformprovides high-performance complex event processing (CEP) for rapid development of applications thatdeliver Continuous Intelligence - enabling immediate response andmore informed decisions in the face ofrapidly changing conditions. Primarily addressing the needs of financialservices organizations, Sybase Aleri is often used in combination with SybaseRAP, a unified market data analytics platform, to enable capital markets firmsto make better trading and portfolio decisions through timelier, morecomprehensive market insight.

RTView provides Aleri users with ahighly scalable, robust and cost-effective visualization solution, helping tocreate a framework for a complete real-time, sense-and-respond environment. Userscan leverage RTView to easily create custom real-time dashboards that presentthe situational information generated by Sybase Aleri in exactly the way theyneed to view it, in order to make the raw data more readily interpreted and to speedan appropriate response. The information has greater meaning because RTView isable to juxtapose Sybase Aleri streaming data against historical data forcontext, as well as aggregate the data with information from other systems andapplications to create a more complete picture of the real-time status ofevents and their impact on the business.

For more information regarding SL'sRTView solutions for Sybase RAP, please call +1 (415) 927-8400 or visit For more information regarding RTView's solutions for CEP engines, please visit

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