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SL Corporation Announces Extreme Caching in RTView for Asynchronous, Real-Time, Multi-Dimensional Data

Seamless Navigation From In-Memory Through to Historical Data Eliminates SQL Queries

Corte Madera, CA - February 1,2011 - SL Corporation, a leadingprovider of Application Performance Management and component-level monitoringsolutions, today announced major enhancements to the data management andanalytics features of its RTView platform. The most significant of these is a new "database read-through capability which seamlessly blends short-term in-memory data (used for rapidreal-time alert generation) with long-term historical data contained in adatabase. Without making a single SQL query, RTView users are able to performweek-over-week or similar trend analyses, referencing the same data model usedfor fast proactive alert calculations and health-state visualization.

"SL's decades of experience withlarge-scale process monitoring systems, particularly in financial services ande-commerce applications, has provided us with true insight into what it takesto deal with huge volumes of real-time data, said Tom Lubinski, founder andCEO of SL Corporation. "We have been able to combine high-performance cachingof column-oriented, time-series data with in-memory OLAP-style functionalitysuch as grouping by date and time indices, as well as shield users from the in-memory/databaseboundary. Equally important, our customers can now make efficient use of memoryand database space at the same time, offering a system that is easy to use andflexible.

As a key component of the completeRTView platform, the cache mechanism provides a holding area for real-timemulti-dimensional monitoring data that arrive asynchronously. These data areindexed and buffered to an in-memory history table which can be mapped to anycommon database for persistent storage. A variety of functions may be used tocompact, aggregate or transform these data for visualization, trend analysis,alert processing, etc. Some key features added to RTView caches include:

  • Database Read-Through via Cache - the ability toseamlessly navigate through, visualize and process data across the in-memory/databaseboundary without having to know when to make a SQL query. Data are accessed bytable specifics and time range; there is no need to know where the dataresides. This feature puts tremendous power into the hands of analysts anddisplay designers.

  • Efficient Indexed Cache Insertion and Extraction- asynchronous data going into and out of the cache are processed using ahighly efficient multi-dimensional indexing algorithm designed to update onlythose objects affected by a new piece of data. This can significantly minimizeuse of machine resources and data traffic across a network in a client-serverimplementation.

  • Cache Templates - RTView caches may beparameterized using variables that control the name, data sources and otherconfiguration properties, making it possible to create data model "templates that can be applied easily to multiple real-time sources. Parameterizationvariables have been a key feature of RTView for a long time, making displays,analytics and alert notifications highly reusable, and significantly enhancingthe productivity of users.

Recent releases of RTView haveincluded numerous other enhancements that provide new visualization andinteraction features, increasing the sophistication of its heatmaps, trendcharts, object grids, composite objects and many other components. Suchfeatures have been found to be especially useful in monitoring the health stateof large-scale applications dependent on multiple diverse subsystems whichgenerate large volumes of data.

SL Corporation offers a number ofderivative products built on RTView that address the monitoring needs aroundspecific subsystems such as TIBCO EMS and BusinessWorks, and Oracle Coherence.New releases of these products will take advantage of the recent enhancementsto the RTView platform and caching system.

For a detailed demo of SL RTView'sadvanced caching features, please contact SL at +1 (415) 927-8400 or at To download a copy of the latestversion of the RTView platform, please visit

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