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SL Corporation Announces Major Enhancements in Release 4.0 of RTView

Improved ease-of-use, new industry-specific graphics, and improvements to TIBCO Enterprise Message Service monitoring head extensive list of enhancements

Corte Madera, CA - January 11, 2006 - SL Corporation, a leading provider of open business information delivery platform solutions that empower decision makers with mission-critical information, today announced the release of RTView 4.0.

"RTView 4.0 is the first release in SL's new product strategy focusing on usability and rapid development and deployment," said Carolyn Bunnell, SL Corporation's Director of Engineering. "RTView has the most advanced data visualization functionality in the industry. We're focused on making it easier for companies to access, use and deploy the solution's powerful features."

The latest version of SL's flagship product includes major enhancements in the look and feel of the user interface, which will facilitate the rapid development and deployment of role-based displays, such as dashboards, scorecards, infrastructure monitoring displays, and real-time data feeds. SL has added to the industry's largest palette of graphical objects with new industry-specific graphics. In addition, SL has made it easier for its 40+ OEMs to customize the display builder to meet their individual requirements.

"We've made it easier for enterprises to have complete control over the look, feel and behavior of their displays, including using SL'sIntelligent Navigationfunctionality, which offers users unparalleled understanding of their data," Bunnell said.

Release 4.0 enhances RTView's EMS Manager, SL's solution for monitoring TIBCO's Enterprise Messages Service (EMS) solution. The enhancements include autodiscovery of server topoloty, which improves visibility. In addition, SL has added performance metrics and improved the solution's administrative features.

About SL Corporation:
Since 1983, SL Corporation has provided an open business information delivery platform empowering decision makers with mission critical information. Companies leverage the SL platform to deliver powerful real-time business intelligence, infrastructure/application monitoring, and graphic design and application development functionality to their users. SL has issued more than 70,000 licenses for our platform in every vertical industry, including manufacturing, energy/utilities financial services, telecommunications, defense/aerospace, technology, and transportation. SL Corporation can be reached at (415) 927-8400 or on the web at

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