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SL Announces Support for Visual Studio 2008 with the Latest Version of SL-GMS Developer & Custom Editor for .NET

Enhanced Support for Microsoft .NET-Based Control and Monitoring Systems

17th Software Development Exhibition @Tokyo Big Sight - MAY 14, 2008 and CORTE MADERA, CALIF. - MAY 14, 2008 - SL Corporation, a leading provider of real-time monitoring and visualization solutions, today announced that the latest version of SL-GMS Developer for .NET and SL-GMS Custom Editor for .NET support Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

SL-GMS Developer and Custom Editor for .NET have been used in numerous worldwide DCS/SCADA solutions, as well as other monitoring and control systems such as manufacturing lines and facilities management. SL continues to put its efforts into supporting the increasing needs for Microsoft .NET in these monitoring and control areas where specific dynamic graphical content is necessary to represent real-time processes.

SL-GMS Developer and Custom Editor for .NET were specifically designed for developing real-time applications using Microsoft Visual Studio in .NET Framework, and deliver a rapid development solution for visualizing real-time data in content-rich and high-performance dynamic graphics.

Sophisticated graphic models with real-time dynamics can be created interactively using the SL-GMSDraw editor, and their behaviors can be previewed instantly. The latest version also seeks to improve its usability, with enhanced dialog features that enable users to specify dynamics visually from the various selections. Graphical models that are created using the SL-GMSDraw editor are displayed by SL-GMS Developer for .NET's Viewer Control, which can be selected from the Visual Studio 2008 Toolbox. These can then be viewed in a Windows form with specific size and position properties. Classes, methods, properties and events can also be used within Visual Studio 2008, and graphical displays can be updated in real-time via the Web or desktop.

Additionally, the SL-GMS Custom Editor for .NET's Editor Control can be used from Visual Studio 2008 to develop a solution-specific custom editor - reducing the normal development time for such an editor from man-years to man-months for relevant applications.

SL Japan Corporation, the Japan subsidiary of SL Corporation, is demonstrating this latest version of SL-GMS Developer for .NET and Custom Editor for .NET at the 17th Software Development Exhibition held from today at Tokyo Big Sight, proposing "Monitoring Real-Time Data that Goes Beyond the Floor to the Enterprise by Web Browser and Microsoft SharePoint."

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