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SL Announces Support for Microsoft Vista

Corte Madera, CA - January 23, 2007- SL Corporation, a leading provider of software solutions for the monitoring and display of real-time information, today announces that version 3.0 of SL-GMS Developer for .NET and SL-GMS Custom Editor for .NET support Microsoft Vista.

These two SL products for Microsoft .NET provide a powerful development package for use in manufacturing and other monitoring and control environments where very specific dynamic graphical content is required to represent real-time processes. SL-GMS Developer for .NET contains SL-GMSDraw which is a graphical editor designed to create visually rich representations of control systems. Applications for the desktop or web can then be built from within Microsoft Visual Studio using custom SL-GMS .NET controls that can load these displays and animate them with live data and define interactive behavior.

In many process control environments it is a hard requirement that graphical views of control systems can be created and maintained by engineers who are not programmers. SL-GMS Custom Editor is specifically designed so that control system vendors can create their own editors to add specialized functionality and connectivity to applicable data. These customized editors facilitate the rapid development of user interfaces and are a critical tool that internal services staff use to provide timely turn-key solutions. The benefits of the flexibility and rapid customizability of monitoring and control interfaces are often passed on to their customer base so that they can maintain their own interfaces as control processes are modified and expanded.

SL has been working with the pre-release candidates of Microsoft Vista during the past year so that support could be provided shortly after the long awaited release. With version 3.0, these SL products have been validated to work well within the Visual Studio 2005 environment including Microsoft Vista extensions. Applications built in this environment have also been validated as Microsoft Vista compatible.

"SL-GMS has been the market leading product for the creation of manufacturing HMI systems for the past 20 years and is embedded in many of the most popular HMI products in the market today , says Rodney Morrison, VP Product Management, SL Corporation. "When the .NET framework was first introduced, most DCS/SCADA and MES suppliers focused first on re-designing their backend architectures to take advantage of .NET distributed data and component models. "Now with the release of Vista, and to stay current with the rapid advances in Visual Studio, everyone is focusing on modernizing their front-end solutions. SL's mission in this process is to ensure that all customers have a migration path into this new environment, and that new and existing customers have easy access to Microsoft Vista technologies that will quickly become the differentiable market standard for HMI solutions.

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