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SL Corporation Helps BEA Extend Real-time Monitoring and Visualization of WebLogic Event Server

BEA's New CEP Offering Embeds RTView to Augment Visibility and Enable Custom Dashboards

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  1. BEA embeds SL's RTView to extend the monitoring and visualization capabilities of WebLogic Event Server.

  2. This extended monitoring and visualization helps BEA to more completely address "the growing pressure on organizations to consume the high proliferation of data flooding into enterprises today - data which is often unpredictable and complex - and make instant and insightful business decisions that will yield the greatest return in new revenue, customer satisfaction, and competitive differentiation. BEA Press Release

  3. BEA chose RTView because it provided a solid platform that could enable them to quickly bring to market a high performance, function-rich, real-time monitoring and visualization solution and offer their customers the option of further extending their visibility through the creation of custom dashboards, analytics, reports, and alerts.

Corte Madera, CA - July 17, 2007- SL Corporation, a leading provider of real-time monitoring, analytics, and visualization software, today announced that BEA Systems has selected its RTView platform as the embedded real-time monitoring and visualization solution for their newly launched BEA WebLogic Event Server product offering. The RTView platform extends the high performance monitoring of BEA's real-time complex event processing (CEP) solution, helping BEA to provide its customers with more meaningful visibility into their event processing networks to enable them to make fast yet well-informed decisions that can help propel their businesses forward. With RTView, BEA was able to deliver this extended monitoring and visualization solution as part of the general availability of WebLogic Event Server working under an aggressive schedule.

"BEA has taken a unique path to providing complex event processing capabilities to its customers, one that is designed to enable high performance analysis in Java while meeting the demands for real-time response, said Guy Churchward, vice president of WebLogic Products at BEA Systems. "Our use of the RTView platform can not only provide our customers with the ability to gain more meaningful visibility into their event processing environments, but can also allow BEA to quickly show the value of our approach.

WebLogic Event Server is designed to aggregate large volumes of streamed information from distributed systems in real time and apply rules to discern patterns and trends that may be crucial to making the best business decisions. However, consistent with the nature of complex real-time monitored environments, the volume of information that was generated by the WebLogic Event Server was still significant. RTView is specifically designed to present such a volume of complex information in a meaningful way.

SL's RTView Display Server sits on top of the WebLogic Event Server to extend BEA's high performance CEP monitoring, gleaning relevant information from WebLogic Event Server's JMX feeds and presenting that data through a highly informative dashboard. The baseline dashboard monitors all applications running in the WebLogic Event Server environment, and tracks the latency and throughput across all adapters, streams and processes in the event processing network. Additionally, BEA customers have the option of further extending their visibility through the creation of custom dashboards, analytics, reports, and alerts.

SL was chosen because the solution met BEA's requirements for real-time performance and was both embeddable and customizable, and SL was already working with all of the key CEP players. Moreover, the reason BEA was able to deliver the solution so quickly was, in part, because of SL's expertise in dealing with JMX and MBeans, and the great responsiveness of the entire SL team.

The most recent release of RTView, also announced today, delivers high performance and sophisticated aggregation for large JMX implementations - especially for situations where large numbers of MBeans are being accessed - as well as support for real-time JMX notifications. These JMX performance enhancements were delivered largely in response to demand by partners like BEA seeking to embed RTView into their JMX-driven product offerings.

To see the BEA WebLogic Event Server BAM dashboard enabled by SL's RTView, please view the algorithmic trading and airline baggage tracking demos in BEA's pre-recorded webinar entitled "WebLogic Event Server opens the door for Real Time performance and Complex Event Processing using Java :

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