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SL Corporation Announces New Version of Java Based SL-GMS J/Developer

New Release to Further Support Development and Web Deployment of Content-Rich and High Performance GUI/HMI for Advanced Control and Monitoring Systems

CORTE MADERA, CA – OCTOBER 26, 2012 - SL Corporation, a leading provider of application and service-level system monitoring solutions, today announced that a new release version 4.2a of its SL-GMS J/Developer and J/Net has been released. SL-GMS J/Developer is a Java-based real-time dynamic GUI/HMI development tool for advanced control and monitoring systems and J/Net is an add-on for network management. This new release includes the support for JDK 1.7 and transparent graphic objects.

“Based on SL’s special visualization and code generation technologies cultivated over many years in the advanced control and monitoring arena, SL-GMS J/Developer was developed in 1998. Over a decade, no others have come close to how compact and fast the Java code generated by SL-GMS J/Developer is,” said Rodney Morrison, Vice President of Products for SL Corporation. “Many advanced and monitoring systems worldwide have been Web deployed using SL-GMS J/Developer, beyond operations floors or control rooms, to provide real-time monitoring views internally or externally, and we continue to further support such development and deployment.”

Content-rich and highly interactive GUIs or HMIs required by advanced control and monitoring systems can be easily and interactively edited using SL-GMSDraw. This tool enables rapid prototyping by allowing users to immediately preview the behaviors of their dynamic GUI in development using simulated data. Then, compact and fast Java code can be generated from SL-GMSDraw editor, and deployed in a Java applet/Web browser, or as a Java application/ Java Web Start, or Desktop. Additionally, custom graphic objects can be generated to import into RTView Builder, another SL’s product for enterprise monitoring solutions.

Because SL-GMSDraw is mutual to the other C++ and Microsoft .NET-based SL-GMS products, graphic models created with the editor can easily be reused among different SL-GMS products, providing a unified solution for advanced control and monitoring systems in different frameworks.

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