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SL Corporation Announces Significant Enhancements to RTView BW Monitor

Version 5.9 Takes Monitoring of TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks to the Next Level

Corte Madera, CA – September 11, 2012 – SL Corporation, a leading provider of application and service-level system monitoring solutions, today announced significant enhancements to RTView BW Monitor, furthering their leadership position in providing end-to-end monitoring of TIBCO software.

Version 5.9 of RTView BW Monitor for ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks users includes new features that enable deeper, more meaningful monitoring, and facilitate filtering of data to best manage what information must be acted upon, and by whom.

  1. BW Monitor Alerts – The RTView alerting system enables users to define default thresholds against an entire deployment of BW engines. In addition, pre-defined alert rules, administration screens to customize alert thresholds, and alert event management help users filter and respond to the most critical alerts.
  2. Integration of Hawk Alerts –  Existing Hawk rule bases can be integrated into the BW Monitor alerting system.
  3. History – The RTView BW Monitor historian stores and manages the aging of important performance data so that analysis can be performed against critical metrics at any point of time in the past.
  4. Support for Large BusinessWorks Deployments – RTView BW Monitor can scale to very large BusinessWorks deployments, incorporating into a single view the real-time performance of hundreds of BusinessWorks Engines across geographically dispersed domains.
  5. Enhanced User Navigation – The user navigation has been significantly enhanced to provide additional metrics, new navigation, and advanced sorts and views that help users to better identify potential bottlenecks in their TIBCO environments.
  6. Monitoring the Monitor – Users can view how RTView BW Monitor is performing to ensure RTView scales with the TIBCO environment.

In addition to the deep monitoring solutions of RTView BW Monitor and RTView EMS Monitor, RTView also extends TIBCO Hawk monitoring, and enables monitoring for Rendezvous, BusinessEvents and ActiveMatrix. Leveraging the full breadth of SL’s monitoring solutions for TIBCO, users are able to deliver complete visibility up and down the TIBCO middleware stack, as well as across their application environment.

Please join SL for an overview and demonstration of these enhancements tomorrow:
RTView BW Monitor – New Release Webinar
Wednesday, September 12
8:00am PDT/11:00am EDT/4:00pm GMT
To register, please visit:

The new RTView BW Monitor will also be available for demonstration at TIBCO’s upcoming user conference in Las Vegas, TUCON 2012, where SL Corporation is a Platinum Sponsor.

The SL RTView for TIBCO product line has been resold by TIBCO since 2004. This close relationship has helped SL to develop unparalleled expertise in monitoring TIBCO middleware, enabling SL to deliver the most relevant and useful monitoring solutions to their mutual customers.

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