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SL Streamlines Integration and Enhances Performance of Its Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Platform

Corte Madera, CA - August 16, 2011 - SL Corporation, a leading provider of Application Performance Monitoring and component-level monitoring solutions, today announced the availability of version 5.9 of its application performance monitoring (APM) platform, RTView. This latest release eases integration with existing monitoring tools and enhances performance for Web-deployed RTView applications.

"Our RTView for APM platform is gaining momentum in part because it is not a rip-and-replace solution, said Tom Lubinski, founder, president and CEO of SL Corporation. "The advances we've made in this latest release of RTView reinforce our commitment to providing the most robust, high-performance APM solution, while enabling the relevant support teams to be able to continue to use the tools they've grown accustomed to.

Key enhancements to the RTView platform include:

  • PipeDS - Allows users to perform a variety of monitoring functions including accessing log files in real time
  • Self-Service Alerts - Enables users to modify alert rules at runtime
  • SNMP - Eases integration with infrastructure metrics and monitoring tools

Existing RTView users benefit from:

  • Display Sharing - Delivers significant performance increases for Web-deployed RTView applications
  • Upwardly Compatible Servers - Allows users to stage the roll-out of RTView release versions. RTView servers built on older versions of RTView are now able to communicate with upgraded RTView servers.

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Over the past 25 years, SL Corporation has become the most knowledgeable and responsive provider of real-time monitoring, analytics, and visibility solutions. SL's flagship product, RTView, addresses a broad spectrum of enterprise visibility challenges spanning application performance management (APM), business activity monitoring (BAM), and component-level infrastructure monitoring. RTView has also become the de facto standard for extending the visualization of TIBCO middleware, in-memory data grids, complex event processing (CEP) engines and custom applications. SL's exclusive focus on real-time visibility solutions, commitment to customer success, and partner-centric culture are why thousands of industry leaders have chosen to work with SL to support their most critical applications and businesses. SL Corporation can be reached at +1 415-927-8400 or on the web at


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