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SL Corporation Announces Results of Customer Satisfaction Survey

Findings Indicate 100% Satisfaction With Company and Products

Corte Madera, CA - September 30, 2010 - SL Corporation, a leading provider of application performance management and component-level infrastructure monitoring software, today announced the results of a satisfaction survey of current, deployed customers conducted between August 27 and September 2, 2010. The findings indicate an extremely high level of customer satisfaction across all facets of the business, including 100% overall customer satisfaction with both SL Corporation and the RTView product line.

"One of the advantages of being a relatively small company with a big offering is that we can provide a level of support to our customers that they simply can't get from larger vendors, said Tom Lubinski, SL's founder, president and CEO. "It's great to see how much our customers appreciate both our personal attention to the success of their projects, and our constant dedication to providing excellent technology.

The survey found that, of the 100% satisfied customers, over 85% were either "extremely satisfied or "very satisfied with both SL Corporation as a software vendor, and SL's RTView products. 82% of the customer respondents rate their relationship with the people at SL as "excellent or "very good, and were either "extremely likely or "very likely to recommend SL Corporation to a friend or colleague. 81% were either "extremely satisfied or "very satisfied with SL's customer service.

An interesting additional finding was that 88% of respondents were able to deploy their custom monitoring and management applications in less than six months, with approximately two-thirds of them deploying in three months or less.

"We would like to thank all of our customers who took the time to respond to our survey,
and especially to those who provided valuable feedback through the comments, added Mr. Lubinski. "We are taking all of this great information into account as we strive to further improve our products, services and overall customer satisfaction.

About SL Corporation

Over the past 25 years, SL Corporation has become the most knowledgeable and responsive provider of real-time monitoring, analytics, and visibility solutions. SL's flagship product, RTView, addresses a broad spectrum of enterprise visibility challenges spanning application performance management (APM), business activity monitoring (BAM), and component-level infrastructure monitoring. RTView has also become the de facto standard for extending the visualization of TIBCO middleware, in-memory data grids, complex event processing (CEP) engines and custom applications. SL's exclusive focus on real-time visibility solutions, commitment to customer success, and partner-centric culture are why thousands of industry leaders have chosen to work with SL to support their most critical applications and businesses. SL Corporation can be reached at +1 415-927-8400 or on the web at


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