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SL announces support for Microsoft Windows 7

Corte Madera, CA - October 22, 2009 - SL Corporation, a leading provider of real-time monitoring, analytics and visualization software, today announced that the SL-GMS C++/Developer and Developer for Microsoft .Net products now support Microsoft Windows 7. Developers who have come to rely on SL-GMS development tools to create graphical interfaces in XP or Vista need only download the Windows 7 version of SL-GMS to migrate their displays.

"With the scheduled end-of-life of XP and the general availability of Windows 7, many of our OEMs and VARs are looking to leapfrog Vista and move directly to the latest Windows OS, said Rodney Morrison, vice president of Products for SL Corporation. "We are committed to the success of these important partners, offering quick support and easy migration for the latest version of such underlying technologies.

With Windows 7, SL's OEMs and VARs have a strong, modern successor to the robust, but aged, Windows XP. While XP works well for many companies, it is relatively weak in areas such as security, networking and other features more important today than when XP was designed around 1999.

Windows 7 introduces real advances in organizing programs and files, arranging the taskbar and desktop, eliminating clutter, and quickly viewing and launching a page or document. It also addresses many of Vista's main flaws -sluggishness, incompatibility with third-party software and hardware, heavy hardware requirements, and constant security warnings.

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