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14 July 2015
SL Announces New Google Mapping Capability for Custom Service and Operation Monitoring

24 June 2015
SL Releases New 64-bit SL-GMS C++/Developer to Support Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

10 June 2015
Hitachi Solutions and KUBOTA Systems Jointly Develop a Unified Management System for Global Manufacturing Production Status Using SL’s RTView® Core

14 April 2015
SL Announces New Proactive Monitoring Capabilities in RTView Enterprise Monitor 2.0 Release

14 January 2015
RTView® Core™ 6.5 Improves Performance with Additional HTML5 Enhancements

4 November 2014
SL Launches New TIBCO ActiveSpaces® and TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Monitoring Tools

15 October 2014
SL Releases New Version of SL-GMS Developer and Custom Editor for Microsoft .NET to Support Visual Studio 2013

14 October 2014
Solace and SL Partner to Streamline Monitoring of Solace Message Routers

30 September 2014
SL Extends Real-time Application Monitoring Deeper into the Oracle Stack

24 September 2014
SL Releases RTView® Core™ 6.4 with Support for Splunk 6+ and HTML5 Streaming Visualizations

3 September 2014
SL Announces New Release of SL-GMS C++/Developer 6.5 with Full Support for Native 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

23 July 2014
SL Corporation Delivers on Vision of True End-to-End Monitoring with New Release of RTView Enterprise Monitor 1.5

24 June 2014
SL Releases the Latest Version of Java-Based SL-GMS J/Developer and J/Net with Enhanced Web Deployment Support for Developers of Advanced Control and Monitoring Systems

28 May 2014
Meiden Selects SL-GMS for Developing the SCADA System for Railways

12 March 2014
SL Corporation Announces Latest Release of RTView Core

27 January 2014
SL Corporation Appoints Mike Margulies to Vice President of Sales

11 December 2013
SL Releases the Latest Version of SL-GMS C++/Developer

12 November 2013
SL Corporation Launches Event Correlation and Management for TIBCO Hawk

23 September 2013
SL Corporation Releases the Latest Version of SL-GMS Developer and Custom Editor for Microsoft .NET

3 June 2013
SL Corporation’s RTView Enterprise Monitor Enables Aggregated and Correlated Views Across Entire TIBCO Infrastructure

9 May 2013
SL Corporation Launches RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor 6.0 with Advanced Analytics and Alerting; Integration with RTView Enterprise Monitor

30 April 2013
SL Corporation Launches RTView Enterprise Monitor 1.2 for Application (APM) and Service-Level System Monitoring

30 April 2013
SL Corporation Launches Proactive Monitoring Solution for TIBCO BusinessEvents

3 April 2013
Hitachi Uses Microsoft .NET-Based SL-GMS for New Digital Integrated Control System that Supports the Future of Manufacturing Plants

27 March 2013
SL Corporation Announces the Latest Version of Microsoft .NET-Based SL-GMS Supports Windows 8 Tablets

12 March 2013
Meiden Selects SL-GMS for Its New Generation Building Energy Management System, “Meiden Smart BEMS”

18 December 2012
SL Corporation’s RTView Provides Application Performance Context For VMware vSphere Monitoring

11 December 2012
SL Corporation’s RTView Provides Application Performance Context For Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring

6 November 2012
SL Corporation’s RTView Extends IBM Tivoli Netcool to Meet the Needs of Application Support Teams

26 October 2012
SL Corporation Announces New Version of Java Based SL-GMS J/Developer

15 October 2012
Mitsubishi Electric Uses SL’s Microsoft .NET based GUI/HMI and Custom Editor Technology for Its Large Water Distribution Control and Management System

2 October 2012
SL Japan Provides RTView to Toshiba at CEATEC JAPAN 2012, for Demonstrating Real-Time Visualization and Monitoring of Toshiba’s “Smart Community Management System”

19 September 2012
SL Corporation Expands End-to-End Monitoring for TIBCO and Visibility into Overall Application Health

11 September 2012
SL Corporation Announces Significant Enhancements to RTView BW Monitor

19 July 2012
SL Corporation Speeds Troubleshooting and Monitoring of Oracle Coherence Clusters

24 May 2012
SL Corporation Announces New Version of SL-GMS Developer And Custom Editor For Microsoft .NET

23 April 2012
SL Corporation Announces New Monitoring for the IBM SmartCloud

22 April 2012
Fujitsu Mission Critical Systems Selects SL Corporation's RTView to Develop Its OnPremis Big Data Platform Solution

22 February 2012
SL Corporation's RTView Offers Seamless Deployment of Its Comprehensive Application Performance Monitoring Platform on iPad and iPhone

2 November 2011
SL Corporation's RTView End-User Experience Monitor Bolsters Validation, Support for High-Security Authentication Environments

30 September 2011
SL Corporation and CloudTran to Provide Joint Solution to Keep an Eye on How Corporate Data is Stored and Accessed In the Cloud

27 September 2011
SL Japan Assists NTT Data in Demonstrating RTView Connection to Microsoft StreamInsight CEP for Visualization and Monitoring of "Micro Grid" at The Microsoft Conference 2011

27 September 2011
SL Corporation Named a Challenger in Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring

22 September 2011
New RTView for APM | TIBCO EMS Monitor Reduces Costs and Bolsters Capacity Planning for TIBCO Enterprise Message Service Environments

13 September 2011
SL Corporation Announces Deep-Dive Monitoring for Oracle Complex Event Processing

7 September 2011
SL Corporation to Fully Support Native 64-bit Windows With New Edition of Its .NET SL-GMS Product

16 August 2011
SL Corporation Streamlines Integration and Enhances Performance of Its Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Platform

24 May 2011
SL-GMS Selected by Fujitsu as Their .NET Real-Time GUI for Total Facility Management System, Futuric/SX

12 April 2011
SL Corporation to Host Three-Part Developer Webinar Series Entitled, "MBean JumpStart: The "˜Secret Handshake' for Oracle Coherence Custom MBeans"

5 April 2011
Sybase Aleri Includes Adapter to SL Corporation's RTView

1 February 2011
SL Corporation Announces Extreme Caching in RTView for Asynchronous, Real-Time, Multi-Dimensional Data

7 December 2010
SL Corporation Announces Important Enhancements to RTView

6 December 2010
Lead Technologist for Oracle Coherence and Tangosol Joins SL Corporation

27 October 2010
SL Corporation to Host Live Webinar on Application Performance Management With Leading Independent Research Firm

4 October 2010
SL Corporation's RTView Said to Be "Close in Scope and Capabilities" to Leading Independent Research Firm's Application Performance Management Reference Model

30 September 2010
SL Corporation Announces Results of Customer Satisfaction Survey

21 July 2010
SL Corporation Announces 3X Reduction in Monitoring Overhead for Large Oracle Coherence Clusters

6 July 2010
SL-GMS Developer and Custom Editor for .NET Support Visual Studio 2010

24 May 2010
SL Corporation Recognized as One of the "2010 Best Places to Work in the Bay Area"

10 March 2010
SL Corporation Upgrades Monitoring Solution For TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks

23 February 2010
SL Corporation Positioned in Leading Analyst Firm's "Magic Quadrant" for Application Performance Monitoring

18 February 2010
SL Partners With Hitachi to Provide Real-Time Monitoring, Visualization and In-Memory Analytics of High-Volume Event Streams

22 Oct 2009
SL announces support for Microsoft Windows 7

20 Oct 2009
SL launches RTView For APM | BW Monitor
New Product Dramatically Speeds Monitoring and Troubleshooting of TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Implementations

2 Sept 2009
SL Announces the latest release of SL-GMS C++/Developer
SL's Long-time Seller that Continues to Run in the World's Advanced Control Systems

22 June 2009
Solace Systems Partners with SL Corporation for Real-Time Operational Visibility
Industry-Standard Monitoring Tool Enables As-It-Happens Visualization of Mission-Critical Network Data

9 June 2009
SL Corporation's RTView Selected by Gazillion to Monitor and Analyze Gameplay
Leading Provider of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Games to Leverage RTView Across All Studios

26 May 2009
SL Announces Support For Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
New Release of SL-GMS Developer and Custom Editor for .NET Involves Leading-Edge and Third-Party Graphics without Programming

5 May 2009
SL Corporation Announces Advanced Alerting and Troubleshooting for Oracle Coherence
New Release of RTView for Oracle Coherence Includes Heat Maps, Custom Alerts and Deep Analytics

22 April 2009
SL Extends Holistic APM Involving Custom Applications
Latest Release of RTView Provides WMI Adapter to Complement Its Advanced JMX Implementation

20 November 2008
SL Corporation Customer, OOCL, Named to InfoWorld 100
Application Performance Management (APM) Project Helps Ensure SLA Compliance for 2.5 Million Annual Shipments; Honored as Most Innovative of 2008

2 September 2008
Spirent Communications Partners With SL Corporation To Enhance Reporting in Perform OSS
Customers Benefit From SL RTView's Extensible and Customizable Real-Time Visibility

14 July 2008
SL Corporation Leverages Web 2.0 for Richer, More Interactive Monitoring and Visualization; Lower TCO
RTView 5.0 Handles All Underlying Web 2.0 Programming

28 May 2008
Sybase and SL Partner to Deliver Unique Level of Visibility into the Trade Lifecycle for Capital Markets
Combined Solution Enables Faster, Smarter and Safer Trading Decisions

14 May 2008
SL Announces Support for Visual Studio 2008 with the Latest Version of SL-GMS Developer and Custom Editor for .NET.
Enhanced Support for Microsoft .NET-Based Control and Monitoring Systems

02 April 2008
SL Corporation Bolsters Visibility for Oracle Coherence Data Grids
RTView for Oracle Coherence Delivers Advanced Analysis Features and Automatic Error Detection

02 April 2008
SL Corporation Delivers High-Speed Analytics for Real-Time Visibility Applications
Latest Release of RTView Allows Easy Definition of Memory-Resident Data Cache

12 November 2007
SL Corporation Customer, Smart & Final, Named to InfoWorld 100
Smart & Final's Success With Leading Real-Time Monitoring and Visualization Platform Honored as a Most Innovative Corporate IT Solution of 2007

07 November 2007
SL Provides Its .NET-Based GUI and Custom Editor Technology to HITACHI
Facilitates Development of Monitoring and Control Systems Using SL-GMS Developer & Custom Editor for .NET

06 November 2007
SL Corporation's RTView Named "Top 50 Technology for 2008" by START-IT

24 October 2007
SL Corporation Extends Data Grid Monitoring and Management for Oracle Coherence Users
RTView for Coherence Provides Validation and Early Warning of Potential Issues

23 October 2007
MEIDEN Selects SL Corporation's .NET-Based GUI & Custom Editor Technology for Their New DCS
Embeds SL-GMS Developer & Custom Editor for .NET

21 September 2007
Microgen and SL Corporation Join to Provide High-Volume, High-Performance Business Activity Monitoring
Partnership Extends BAM and Visualisation Capabilities for Microgen Aptitude BPMS

06 September 2007
HeroEngine Integrates Next-Generation Technologies
Ultimate MMO Platform Integrates With StreamBase Complex Event Processing Capabilities and SL Corporation's Real-Time Monitoring, Analytics, and Visualization Platform

06 September 2007
SL Corporation Releases the Latest Version of SL-GMS Developer & Custom Editor for .NET
Delivers Enhanced Support for Real-Time, Windows-Based Control and Monitoring Systems

28 August 2007
ITEC Hanshin Selects SL Corporation's Real-Time Java GUI for Web-based Building Facility Management System, "OCTBAS-i"
Enables System-specific Display Modification in the Field Using SL's Custom Editor

17 July 2007
SL Corporation Helps BEA Extend Real-time Monitoring and Visualization of WebLogic Event Server
BEA's New CEP Offering Embeds RTView to Augment Visibility and Enable Custom Dashboards

17 July 2007
SL Corporation Meets Demand for High Performance for Large JMX Implementations
Latest Release of Leading Monitoring and Visualization Software Also Boosts Performance of RTView AJAX Server

07 May 2007
OSIsoft and SL Corporation Partner to Deliver Java-based Real-time Visualization of PI System Data
Partnership fills a key need for PI System customers that want a customizable Java solution to expose PI data via Java application servers running on UNIX and Linux servers

25 April 2007
Covelight and SL Corporation Partner to Integrate Real-Time Events into Business Dashboards
Partnership Delivers Breakthrough Visibility of Real-Time Business Events, Enabling the Event-Driven Enterprise

23 January 2007
SL Announces Support for Microsoft Vista
Version 3.0 of SL-GMS Developer for .NET and SL-GMS Custom Editor for .NET now support Microsoft Vista.

10 January 2007
Progress Software Selects SL Corporation to Power Real-time Dashboard Offering
Progress Apama Dashboard Studio leverages SL’s RTView to provide users with ability to quickly and easily create and deploy custom dashboards

10 October 2006
SL Corporation Announces Major Enhancements in Release 4.3 of RTView
Addition of PDF reporting and improvements to TIBCO Enterprise Message Service monitoring head list of enhancements

25 September 2006
SL Corporation Releases Real-time JMX Dashboard Solution
Solution enables monitoring, analysis and deeper understanding of IT application and system performance

24 July 2006
SL Corporation Announces Real-time Enhancements in Release 4.2 of RTView
Support for JMX added; AJAX, JMS and TIBCO enhancements support mission-critical, real-time dashboard projects

17 July 2006
SL Corporation and RTI Partner to Bring RTView to RTI Data Distribution Service Customers
Data visualization enhances RTI's real-time middleware.

09 May 2006
SL Corporation to introduce Data Visualization Solution at Agilent OSS 2006 User Conference
Agilent Partner Will Introduce Real-Time Dashboard for Agilent's NETeXPERT.

03 May 2006
SL Corporation to present at Applix 2006 International User Conference
Applix Partner Will Discuss and Demonstrate Data Visualization Solutions for Applix's TM1 Performance Management Application.

22 March 2006
SL and Compusource Announce OEM Agreement
SL's flagship dashboard product to enhance Compusource's metal service and moving and storage solution.

11 January 2006
SL Corporation Announces the Release of RTView 4.0
Improved ease-of-use, new industry-specific graphics, and improvements to TIBCO Enterprise Message Service monitoring head extensive list of enhancements.

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