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Harnessing the Power and Performance of Glassfish: Tuning for High Availability
By René van Wijk, Oracle Scene Magazine
Summer 2012

In this article, we will show how to tune your GlassFish environment for maximum performance and availability. We will show how to address the key performance challenges such as load, scalability and safety margins to ensure high availability. Detailed best practices regarding server, JVM and operating system tuning, as well as critical monitoring and testing strategies, will also be discussed.

Coherence Monitoring
Middleware Magic, by Rene van Wijk
January 2012

"Oracle Coherence Monitor from SL Corporation is just an incredible tool, that will come in very handy when troubleshooting or monitoring the Coherence cluster."

SL Corporation®: Enabling a Low Risk, Iterative Approach to Migrating Critical Applications to the Cloud

SL Corporation® : Enabling a Low Risk, Iterative Approach to Migrating Critical Applications to the Cloud
Oracle Magazine
March/April 2011

“RTView has been chosen by these organizations to help with their cloud migrations for two main reasons: 1) RTView’s lightweight footprint and web service profile makes it ideal for monitoring applications deployed in the cloud; and 2) RTView’s flexibility and configurability on all levels (i.e., data access, aggregation and trending, custom views) enable customers to handle the extreme complexity of cloud environments.”

Measuring the Cloud: APM In The Cloud
InformationWeek, by Michael Biddick
15 Nov 2010

“SL Corp. provides metrics to evaluate the critical infrastructure components required to run a cloud environment… The products’ ability to cache and provide fast access to data for presentation as well as root cause analysis is suited to the cloud.”

Five Boutique APM Vendors to Watch
Network Computing, by Michael Biddick
4 June 2010

“SL Corporation's RTView provides holistic APM soup to nuts…Targeting both application development shops as well as operations organizations, RTView can provide a single, consolidated APM package and even extend into the cloud environment. The historical reporting engine is a real powerhouse. It can be used to find trouble spots before they affect the business.”

Application Performance Aggregation: The Next Wave In Cloud APM
Network Computing, by Michael Biddick
1 June 2010

“APM vendor SL is focusing on providing APM metrics to critical infrastructure components required to run the cloud environment, like grid technologies. These grid technologies… are tough to monitor, especially when providing multi-tenant cloud services… SL's RTView can also offer the cloud providers the ability to expose data to enterprise customers.”

SL Corporation Positioned in Leading Analyst Firm’s “Magic Quadrant” for Application Performance Monitoring
By CBSNews
22 February 2010

"We consider our positioning by Gartner in the APM Magic Quadrant confirmation of our mission to provide our customers with the greatest breadth and depth in monitoring and managing their complex, multi-tier and geographically disperse application infrastructures.”

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SL Partners with Hitachi to Provide Real-Time Monitoring, Visualization and In-Memory Analytics of High-Volume Event Streams
By Wall Street Select
18 February 2010

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Solace Systems Partners with SL Corporation for Real-Time Operational Visibility
By Reuters
22 June 2009

"Monitoring and management are critical aspects of maintaining the competitive advantage that a hardware-based messaging infrastructure provides,” said Shawn McAllister, chief architect at Solace Systems. “SL’s RTView is a highly effective means of keeping global deployments operating at peak efficiency, and will bring immediate value to our customers.”

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SL - In the News

SL Corporation's RTView Selected by Gazillion to Monitor and Analyze Gameplay
9 June 2009

“Not only can we involve the wide array of real-time data feeds necessary to meet requirements across all of our varied projects, we can also accommodate different access points and security layers, and present information in exactly the way each team needs to see it to best respond to customer interests. SL has proven over their 25 years of experience to be uniquely capable of ensuring that we, along with our IT partners, have complete visibility into what drives our players.”

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Spirent Chooses SL RTView

Spirent Communications Chooses SL Corporation to Enhance Reporting in Perform OSS
By OSSNews Review
4 September 2008

“RTView’s robust and extensive feature set helps ensure our Perform clients have the ability to deliver the most effective dashboards, alerts and reports for their businesses, now and going forward,” said John Cunningham, vice president, Service Assurance at Spirent Communications."


Xpitec Chooses SL CorporationRTView

Xpitec to Distribute SL Corporation’s Real-Time Software, RTView
By Xpitec
6 August 2008

“Companies need to ensure that operational issues are visible and addressed before they turn into costly problems,” said Nick Pieters, CEO of Xpitec. “Given the amount of information that is generated on a daily basis out of numerous and varied systems, companies are struggling to aggregate and present that information in a way that helps decision makers rapidly analyze business conditions and make decisions in a volatile environment.”

SL RTView Leverages Web 2.0

SL Corporation Leverages Web 2.0 Leverages Web 2.0 for Richer, More Interactive Monitoring and Visualization; Lower TCO
By Web 2.0 News Desk
14 July 2008

“We simply use the best technologies available to help our customers deliver the richest, most interactive real-time experience. RTView users just see objects in a palette. They can mix and match these Web 2.0 technologies to create dashboards without worrying about whether the objects are AJAX or Flash, or knowing how to program in FLEX.”

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Sybase Chooses SL RTView for BAM

Sybase and SL Develop Financial Services Platform
By Datamonitor
30 May 2008

"Capital market firms can immediately benefit from this integrated platform combining low-latency response times and fast access to massive historical data stores with a comprehensive BAM platform that provides instinctive context to the data. Leveraging the sub-second performance and customizability of RTView, and the high-volume, high-velocity data management of RAP, capital market firms can make optimized trading and portfolio decisions with less risk."

Sybase Partners SL RTView for BAM

Sybase and SL Corporation Form Partnership
By B-Eye Network
29 May 2008

“The capital markets industry is highly competitive. To predict price movements and act upon opportunities while mitigating risk, quantitative analysts and risk managers must compare time-critical market data in context with historical trends,” said Dr. Raj Nathan, Chief Marketing Officer at Sybase. “This combined solution delivers real-time opportunity and risk management via an interactive dashboard interface to allow sophisticated risk analysis pre- or post-trade, as well as allowing the development of more refined and risk-aware algorithms.”

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Sybase Chooses SL RTView for BAM

Sybase Unveils Market Data Platform
Inside Market Data, by Max Bowie
12 May 2008

  “‘For example, a risk manager might want to view 3D risk curves and monitor activity in real time, so they would need to see their portfolios, the order book, historical data, and alerts – so we give them RTView…,’ McGovern says.” 

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SL RTView Launches Memory-Resident Data Cache

SL Corp Reloads RTView® for High Performance Data Caching
ebizQ, by BusinessWire
4 April 2008

"Every aspect of RTView – the access, federation, and visualization of data – has been built from the ground up to handle real-time information efficiently,” said Rodney Morrison, SL’s Vice President of Products. “Now we’ve upped the ante on real-time analytics. Our memory-resident data cache allows our customers to perform sophisticated analytics and trend comparisons on truly current data."

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SL Corporation Bolsters Visibility for Oracle® Coherence Data Grids
Webservices Journal, by BusinessWire
2 April 2008

"Data grids are intrinsically complicated to manage,” commented Rodney Morrison, SL’s Vice President of Products. “Without visibility into grid status and effectiveness, they can be very difficult to debug, optimize or scale properly. RTView’s advanced analysis and alert features are invaluable to anyone running an Oracle Coherence grid. "

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SL RTView Certified on Macintosh

RTView Certified for Use on the Mac
Macsimum News, by Dennis Sellers
2 April 2008

"Now that Apple has moved to Intel CPUs, many developers who need to support diverse target platforms are choosing Macs,” says Rodney Morrison of SL Corp. “With this environment, they can easily run UNIX and Windows applications at the same time on a modern industry-standard laptop. We are happy to be able to support Macintosh developers with this release."

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SL RTView: InfoWorld 100 Award

2007 InfoWorld 100 Awards, by Jason Snyder
12 November 2007

"To decrease supply-chain downtime and provide real-time operational visibility, [Smart&Final] launched an Enterprise Monitoring, Visualization, and Management initiative. Leveraging SL Corporation's RTView, the solution monitors 17 databases (both Oracle and SQL Server), four applications, 18 production and 11 test servers, and more than 50 active process areas. "

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SL RTView: StartIT Award

2008 Top 50
15 November 2007

“RTView makes it both possible and practical for manufacturers to deliver meaningful real-time operational visibility solutions. In less than two months customers can address abnormalities in the supply chain before they become costly problems.”

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SL RTView for Oracle Coherence Extends Data Grid Monitoring

SL Corp. Extends Data Grid Monitoring for Oracle Coherence
GridToday, by Derrick Harris
23 October 2007

“RTView® for APM | OC Monitor™ provides important validation when a grid infrastructure is performing correctly. More importantly, should any changes in the environment threaten the grid’s performance or stability, it provides early warning of the potential issue, and facilitates troubleshooting to enable users to isolate and solve the problem quickly.”

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Simutronics HeroEngine Chooses SL RTView

Simutronic’s HeroEngine Adds StreamBase, SL
6 September 2007

”Licensees of HeroEngine can add the capabilities of StreamBase to assist with querying, analyzing, and correlating real-time data, while SL Corporation’s RTView visualization platform will enable the creation of dashboards to view actionable real-time information.”

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The CEP Blog

SL’s Architecture for CEP Visualization
the , by Tim Bass
26 October 2007

”SL’s RTView is used by many end users to implement and visualize CEP and business optimization KPIs, BAM dashboards, JMX-enabled infrastructure and application monitoring, eCommerce application monitoring, SLAs, capacity planning applications and cyber trading applications.”

Tom Lubinski Article on JMX Best Practices

Making Optimal Use of JMX in Custom Application Monitoring Systems
Java Developer, Journal , by Tom Lubinski
21 December 2007

“This article discusses errors that have been repeatedly seen in JMX implementations regarding the content and design of data structures known as MBeans. Common JMX best practice knowledge is briefly reviewed to provide some initial context. This is followed by a detailed discussion about issues that arise when custom application monitoring requirements grow to include aggregation, analysis, and visualization in real-time. Recommendations are then offered that may help users make optimal use of JMX in these situations.”

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