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10 EMS Monitoring Tips in 30 Minutes
Best Practices from Tibco EMS Professionals 

We have collected a number of EMS monitoring best practices over the last decade while helping TIBCO EMS administrators better manage the performance and stability of their EMS platform and the applications that are powered by it.  In this webinar, we will walk you through our 10 tips and demonstrate how to monitor EMS more effectively using TIBCO RTView EMS Monitor and RTView Enterprise Monitor.


7 Reasons to Extend your Standalone RTView to Enterprise Monitor

Take your standalone RTView monitoring capability to the next level. Extend your current framework to see more of your middleware environment including physical and virtual hosts, databases, app servers, data grids, CEP engines and even cloud service providers - whether they come from TIBCO or other best of breed middleware providers. The more context you have regarding the systems that potentially impact your middleware performance, the better you can anticipate and react to performance problems.


Advanced Coherence Monitoring
Best Practices in Elastic Data Access in a Shared Coherence Architecture

Multi-tenancy is one of the great benefits of using a shared Oracle Coherence architecture. But once you scale beyond 2-3 applications, then the management of that shared in-memory capacity becomes much more complex than you might imagine. 

In this webinar, Everett Williams, SL’s resident Coherence expert and Senior Director of Technology, walks you through several different architectural options and discuss the benefits and challenges of each. We will also show you how RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor was used to address those challenges. 


10 TIBCO BusinessWorks Monitoring Tips in 30 Minutes

BW troubleshooting can be difficult and time consuming, especially when you factor in slow hosts, overloaded VMs, sluggish databases, backed-up message queues and other potentially problematic environment variables that impact BW performance. In this webinar, you will learn several best practices for monitoring TIBCO BusinessWorks and see a demo of RTView Enterprise Monitor.


Oracle Coherence Monitoring 101

Whether you have just deployed Oracle Coherence or have been working with it for a while, you need to learn the skills necessary to master the monitoring challenges of your business critical scalable architecture.

Our in-house Oracle Coherence expert, Everett Williams, a former Coherence Development Team member, walks you through the basics of Oracle Coherence Monitoring 101 in this 30 minute webinar.


RTView® Core™ 6.5 Improves Performance and Flexibility with Additional HTML5 Enhancements. This webinar reviews some of the new features:

  • RTView graphical objects, including rectangle, circle, checkbox, and label objects, have been enhanced to allow them to be rendered as HTML elements in a Web thin-client deployment.

  • Status History graph now supports a new property to limit size of label area, mouseover text returns and custom definition of a Right/Double-click context menu.

  • TIBCO Hawk Data source includes a new column to obtain the amount of time, in milliseconds, that a subscription data process took.


Give ‘Em What They Want!  Self-Service Monitoring in a Shared Services Environment.
Self-service monitoring dashboards enhance cross-department productivity and reduce information reporting burden on middleware operations teams.

Watch as Intuit shares their professional best practices for providing real-time and historic health and performance information on their shared middleware platform to different groups across the enterprise using RTView® self-service dashboards.


Redefining End-to-End Monitoring – Cross Correlation and Advanced Visualization
Correlation is what provides the context necessary to interpret health and performance metrics in a meaningful way.

See how RTView Enterprise Monitor creates intuitive visualizations that help you to achieve unique insights that you could not otherwise obtain without an integrated understanding of how individual application components are related to the applications they support.


Redefining End-to-End Monitoring: Service Model Integration

Your service model describes your application and the components that make up that application.

RTView Enterprise Monitor helps you capture and/or create that service model through automation so that you are able to visualize the performance patterns and relationships within our End-to-End Monitoring dashboards.


Introducing RTView® Enterprise Monitor™ 1.5

End-to-End Monitoring takes a huge leap forward today with this new release from SL. 

 ED Koo, VP of Technical Services, shows you all the new enhancements to this release including new performance monitoring solutions for TIBCO ActiveMatrix, Oracle Enterprise Manager, UX Monitor, Host Monitor, metric explorer and more.


The Foundation – High-Performance Architecture

High-performance applications require new monitoring architectures

Some monitoring solutions are simply not designed for high-performance applications.  See how RTView Enterprise Monitor’s agentless data collection and distributed, cache-based architecture for storage, processing and retrieval of key metrics ensures optimal performance and uptime of mission-critical applications.


Redefining End-to-End Monitoring with RTView Enterprise Monitor

Discover the NEW requirements for Enterprise Monitoring

Application monitoring requirements have changed as the applications themselves have changed by adopting distributed, middleware-driven, multi-tier architectures.  Watch and learn how RTView Enterprise Monitor makes it simple and cost effective to monitor today’s high-performance applications.


Climb Out of Your Monitoring Silo – Enable Real End-to-End Visibility for Your Complex, Heterogeneous Applications

Are you responsible for keeping your company’s critical application running optimally on a heterogeneous stack?

Learn how the world’s largest and most demanding clients have centralized their monitoring and alerting for hundreds of custom, complex applications, and saved millions of dollars in the process.


Advanced TIBCO Monitoring - Event Correlation for TIBCO Hawk; Role-Based Alert Filtering

Learn how you can aggregate infrastructure data across all Hawk hosts into single-pane-of-glass views, and manage Hawk rules and alert thresholds globally, from a centralized display.  Deploy advanced alert filtering by role. Integrate your TIBCO monitoring solutions to deliver end-to-end, out-of-the-box views of your entire TIBCO infrastructure in a matter of days.

This event is over.
It was held on December 5, 2013.

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Real-Time Coherence Monitoring in Integrated Environments

Everett Williams, SL’s Oracle Coherence Expert, discusses problems with analyzing host metrics and Oracle Coherence metrics within a cluster using the current tool sets. Learn how to integrate statistics to solve problems that relate between the two in an integrated and intelligent manner. Understand if your Coherence issues are related to issues within the underlying hardware, or whether they reside somewhere else.


Shortfalls in Monitoring Virtualized Apps: Deficiencies and Opportunities

Learn how RTView Enterprise Monitor addresses

  • Distributed architectures and components

  • “Noisy neighbors” on virtual hardware

  • Frequent changes in deployment configurations

  • Challenges in load balancing servers

  • Challenges working with deployment metadata

  • Lack of collaboration between application and infrastructure teams

This event is over.
It was held on October 14-17, 2013.
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TUCON 2013 - Asurion and SL Present | Tell Me When My Critical Apps Are Sick, Not Dead!

Craig Shelley, TIBCO Architect at Asurion, and Tom Lubinski, SL CEO, offers an in-depth look at the latest advances in end-to-end application monitoring and control of TIBCO-centric environments. Learn how you can achieve a significant positive business impact through increased productivity, proactive monitoring, and the agility of being able to quickly change what you’re monitoring and how you view it.


Get the Big Picture! End-to-End Monitoring of Heterogeneous Middleware and Apps

Learn how you can provide the most complete picture of the health state of your critical Oracle-centric business applications.

Aggregate and consolidate metrics in real time in order to provide visibility across an entire application infrastructure including Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Coherence and Oracle databases, as well as other critical middleware components.


Troubleshooting, load balancing, behavior patterns and capacity analysis of Coherence Extend Proxies and Clients
Oracle Coherence*Extend™ adds an additional layer of complexity and the need to manage a more distributed environment.

Join Everett Williams and Marie Hoch in an informal and informative discussion on how you can better understand and troubleshoot the Extend environment as well as facilitate more efficient load balancing and more accurate capacity analysis.


So we've done APM. Now what?

APM is now just a piece of an end-to-end visibility and control solution.

In this webinar, Rodney Morrison, SL's VP of Products, discusses the disillusionment of APM, and does a walk-through of several use cases of companies who are leading the way to the new era of end-to-end visibility and control of their critical applications and infrastructure.


Advanced Oracle Coherence Monitoring with RTView OCM 6.0
Top 5 things you will learn by watching this webinar:

  • What alerts you should have in place for Coherence

  • The most useful Coherence KPIs

  • What you need to monitor regarding data persistence

  • How to interpret resource activity and usage including CPU, memory and network bandwidth

  • What to do when you see these critical alerts


Advanced TIBCO Monitoring; When Your Business Relies on TIBCO
A deep-dive demo of RTView Enterprise Monitor for TIBCO

  • Consolidate alerts from all TIBCO middleware into one view

  • Assigning alert criticality weights and filtering

  • Creating service definitions

  • Mapping critical applications to both infrastructure and users

  • Using RTView historian for baseline performance mapping



3 Industries. 3 Challenges. 3 TIBCO Middleware Monitoring Case Studies
Comprehensive visibility into the behavior of TIBCO-powered applications

Tom Lubinski, SL CEO,  showed how three TIBCO power users across three industries are able to address their varied visibility challenges using RTView Enterprise Monitor.

  • Learn how a well-known retail store centralizes monitoring for EMS and BusinessWorks from over 3,000 stores

  • Discover how world’s largest transportation & logistics company correlates performance data from EMS, BusinessWorks & BusinessEvents

  • See how leading insurance provider integrates application-centric displays and alert views across EMS, BusinessWorks & BusinessEvents


JMX: Get the Most Out of This Unsung Hero!

The best technology is one that’s proven itself over and over in large-scale environments, if you can make it work for you

Tom Lubinski, CEO, shows how JMX remains the best possible technology to ensure the performance of critical applications and services and how to get the most out of it.

Detailed use cases and usable code are provided.


TUCON 2012: Tracking for Trouble: Centralized Control Center, Improved Business Performance

Customer Success Story using RTView for TIBCO – dramatically increasing visibility into TIBCO Infrastructure

Matt Rosen, OOCL, discusses how they mitigated risk by implementing and leveraging a centralized, real-time control center to actively monitor the performance and reliability of applications, systems, and services.


Litle & Co: Providing Actionable Information from Instrumented Apps

Customer Success Story from leading provider of payment management services for internet retailers and online brands

See how Litle & Co. successfully leverages transaction data from their instrumented apps, stored in an Oracle Coherence cache, to determine whether their services are performing as expected, perform troubleshooting, and find where to fix the true issues.

This event is over.
It was held on
June 13, 2012
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SL/TIBCO Joint Webinar: TIBCO RTView and Monitoring the Enterprise

Learn about the TIBCO RTView monitoring solutions that dramatically improve visibility into your TIBCO infrastructure

Watch this product overview webinar and enjoy:

      • An overview of the TIBCO RTView product

      • A demonstration of RTView EMS and BW monitors

      • Best practices for a monitoring architecture


Demo and Discussion - Using RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor to monitor Coherence cluster health, behavior and performance.

Join us as we demonstrate how RTView OCM helps developers and support teams answer fundamental questions like:

  • Does my cluster have enough capacity?

  • Is it configured and working the way it should?

  • Are there any bottlenecks or latency?  If so, where and why?

  • Is my system scaling?

  • Do I have any bad clients or bad nodes?  If so, why?


ON24 Success Story - Harnessing the Power of Oracle WebLogic Server and Coherence*Web

Learn how ON24 successfully achieved higher throughput, lower latencies, more concurrent users and a large increase in hardware ROI by using RTView to overcome the challenges associated with managing sessions across large Oracle WebLogic Server clusters.

Join us as we share the details on low-overhead system monitoring and management, including data aggregation and analysis.


Hotspot and Bottleneck Analysis in Oracle Coherence

See how SL Corp’s RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor can help you literally “see” a hotspot.

In this practical session, Everett Williams discusses Coherence’s service architecture and how the service MBean data can be used to find latency, queuing and contention in Coherence – conditions that can degrade performance and prevent your cluster workload from scaling. He also discusses typical causes of poor performance and possible solutions.


Monitoring of Web Applications and GlassFish for Performance and Availability

A customer success story from Parleys.com

Learn how the Parleys team was able to get better visibility into potential performance hotspots in their web applications from monitoring their GlassFish application servers and associated JVM processes - resulting in better user responsiveness on the Parleys.com website.


Real-Time Monitoring for Data Grids and Transactions
A customer success story from CloudTran

SL’s Senior Technology Director, Everett Williams and CloudTran’s Founder and CMO, AJ Brown show how developers of in-memory data grids are gaining real-time access to information about data load balancing and transaction throughput for Oracle Coherence.

Learn how to determine cluster health and performance and see real-time graphs showing ACID transactions and database persistence.

Applying the Forrester Application Performance Management Reference Model to Complex, Multi-Tier Environments 
Webinar Featuring Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst, Jean-Pierre Garbani

Forrester’s vice president and principal analyst, Jean-Pierre Garbani, covers the evolution of APM and the changing requirements for complex, multi-tier application environments.

SL’s vice president of products, Rodney Morrison shares how a large financial institution delivers real-time views into the health of their most critical trading applications.


Healthways Delivers Almost Infinite Scalability for Their “Grid Everywhere” Environment using RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor
A customer success story from Healthways

Kevin Forbes, enterprise architect for Healthways, provides an in-depth look at how Healthways has been able to deliver almost infinite scalability for their Embrace platform, front-ending their entire database infrastructure, using SL’s RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor.


10 Tricks to Ensure Your Coherence Cluster Is Not a “Black Box” in Production

Configuration of Oracle Coherence can be tricky. While Coherence provides highly valuable in-memory caching and parallel processing features, things don’t always go as planned, and changes can be extremely difficult to make once you’re in production. SL’s Founder and CTO, Tom Lubinski covers 10 things you can do to ensure your Coherence cluster is easy to support in production.


The Rise of Centralized Application Performance Management:
4 Case Studies

Learn how leading companies in ecommerce, transportation/logistics, financial services, and hotels/casinos/resorts have successfully implemented a 360˚ APM solution to address very different APM challenges. Each of these Fortune 500 companies ranks among the top 4 in their industry.


Extending TIBCO Monitoring with RTView :
A Smart & Final Case Study

Learn how TIBCO users like Smart & Final are getting more out of their TIBCO investment by implementing RTView.


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