Solution Package for TIBCO EMS

Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Overview Screenshot TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS) serves as the backbone for some of the largest mission-critical systems in production today, largely due to its performance, scalability and reliability advantages over other messaging solutions. But the EMS distributed architecture makes it more important to proactively monitor the software itself, as well as its supporting infrastructure to ensure optimal load-balancing, routing, fault-tolerance, and message flow/throughput.

RTView Enterprise Monitor® uses Solution Packages for a number of different technologies including the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS).  The Solution Package for TIBCO EMS provides a comprehensive set of features to enable holistic monitoring of an EMS implementation, with a high-performance distributed cache architecture that collects and serves out real-time data, and advanced visualizations that enable users to correlate and analyze complex monitoring data sets in intuitive, easy-to-use ways.

Optimizing Message System Performance, Availability and Capacity
Solution Package for TIBCO EMS provides a powerful and flexible way to view and access critical EMS information. At the top level, the Solution Package provides heatmaps, tables and grid views of All EMS Servers, with the ability to filter by individual variables such as alert severity, alert counts, connections, pending messages, in/out rates, and
memory consumption.

Monitoring Optimized for Applications built on TIBCO
When combined with other TIBCO-specific Solution Packages in RTView Enterprise Monitor, performance metrics and alerts from TIBCO EMS, TIBCO BW, and TIBCO BE, TIBCO ActiveMatrix, TIBCO ActiveSpaces and TIBCO Hawk can all be aggregated into a set of consolidated views. The cross-correlation of this information across TIBCO middleware components further enables rapid determination of fault state, speeding troubleshooting, assessment of business impact, and resolution of critical issues. Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Overview Screenshot

By combining these TIBCO monitoring solutions along with other solutions under the RTView Enterprise Monitor umbrella, it’s easy to uncover how TIBCO EMS, BW, and BE instances are affecting the critical applications in your enterprise, and the underlying root causes for such. One can also consolidate metrics from existing monitoring solutions and tools in order to provide visibility across an entire application infrastructure, including TIBCO applications and other critical application components. Using RTView Enterprise Monitor’s Service Model functionality, you are able to create service models that allow you to trace service impact and prioritize issues based on their potential affect on the business.

Gain Complete Visibility Across Your Entire Application Deployment Environment with RTView Enterprise Monitor
RTView Enterprise Monitor is a platform inside which any number of solution packages can be hosted, aggregating component-level data and viewing/managing/correlating these data as a whole.  Without RTView Enterprise Monitor, users would be able to view only each individual data source, albeit with advanced visualizations and real-time granularity, but without the ability to aggregate and compare critical event data across all the relevant components of an enterprise deployment environment. With RTView Enterprise Monitor, users can cross-correlate and perform root cause analysis across multiple components from multiple vendors (e.g., TIBCO, IBM, Oracle and VMware), from the host and network level through the database and middleware layers up to the application itself.

RTView Enterprise Monitor enables direct or indirect collection of data at the Solution Package level. Solution Packages are available for multiple off-the-shelf components across all of the tiers in common deployment architectures, including infrastructure (hardware, OS, network, storage and database), middleware (app servers, data grids, messaging systems, SOA and event processing servers, etc.) and UI/UX components and processes.


Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Overview Screenshot

Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Overview Screenshot


Features / Benefits



Historian with data compaction

  1. Visualize message data in trend charts and go back in time to view message metrics from prior periods. Aids in determining capacity utilization and planning, reduces time to troubleshoot.

  2. Compaction feature helps save database space and reduce licensing costs.

Browse Topics and Queues

  1. Analyze problems with errors, processing bottlenecks and queue backlogs that may be due to improperly formed or unusual content of Topics and Queues.

Administer, View, or Customize EMS Alerts

  1. Centralize and manage your EMS alerts in the central RTView Enterprise Monitor console.

View inbound, outbound, and pending message count on any EMS server

  1. Avoid over utilization of EMS server and prevent EMS server crash which could mean loss of messages and revenue impact.

  2. Avoid under utilization of EMS servers. Save on infrastructure costs.

  3. Alerts on rate can help optimize utilization of EMS servers you add servers on the fly during peak periods.

View Async and Sync DB sizes and usage

  1. Another way to avoid over/under utilization of EMS server and prevent EMS server crash which could mean loss of messages and revenue impact.

Monitor Connection Count

  1. Monitoring Connection count can help you analyze if the connection rate is increasing or if connections are not closing  could impact application performance and revenue impact.

Automatically generated topology view

  1. Visualize all EMS servers in a single topology view, interconnections, geographic locations, message flow rates Message Routes, etc.

  2. Very useful for geographically distributed middleware. Reduce trouble shoot time significantly and save on support costs.

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BW Monitor Solution Package


  End-to-End Monitoring for TIBCO
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  Solution Packages


Pre-built packages enable end-to-end monitoring across technology tiers and vendors

       TIBCO ActiveSpaces
       TIBCO ActiveMatrix
       TIBCO BusinessEvents
       TIBCO BusinessWorks
       TIBCO EMS
       TIBCO Hawk
       Oracle Coherence
       Oracle Database
       Oracle Enterprise Manager
       Oracle Glassfish

       Oracle WebLogic
       Amazon AWS
       VMware vCenter
       User Experience Monitor
       RTView Host Agent
       Solace Message Router