The following demos are run in Java applets to illustrate how SL-GMS Development Tools offer compact, thin-client dynamic graphics ideal for high-performance over the web. To assist in gauging download times, the size (in K bytes) of each applet is provided.
It is important to review the notes on Browser Dependencies before attempting to run the demos.


Interactive Network Management Demo (286K)
Interactive Card Rack (73K)
Interactive Network Management Demo - WORLD (136K)
Interactive Network Management Demo - USA (87K)
Card Rack (19K)

Process Monitoring and Control

Interactive Process Control Demo (170K)
Auxiliary Furnace - WORLD (32K)
Auxiliary Supply - USA (30K)
Auxiliary Heater System (25K)
Mould Injector Status (25K)
Reactor Core Display (22K)







Intelligent Traffic Control

Interactive Traffic Control - Sonoma, CA (170K)
Interactive Traffic Control - Los Angeles, CA (155K)

Command and Control

Interactive Command/Control Demo (106K)
Avionics Model - provided by SBS (42K)
MIL-SPEC Simulation (24K)







Trend, Scatter & Time Axis Graphs (120K)
Interactive Real-Time Location System (54K)
Basic Dynamic Examples






Browser Dependencies

  • Demos perform best with Internet Explorer 4.0+, although Netscape Navigator 4.7 (and other browsers) will work.
  • If no graphics appear, open your browser's Preferences or Options dialog, select the Advanced tab, and enable Java.
  • Version 3.0 browsers download and display significantly slower.
  • Version 3.0 browsers cannot print applet graphics.

SL-GMS Applet Information

The demos listed on this page illustrate the compact size and superior performance of dynamic graphic displays built with SL-GMS. Click here for details about how these applets are created.