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Smart & Final, a leading big-box retailer in the western U.S., is leveraging RTView to provide an Application Performance Management (APM) solution to reduce the downtime incidents

 RTView is a monitoring and  visualization platform for the easy  creation and deployment of highly  customizable dashboards, analytics,  alerts and reports based on both  real-time and historical data from  virtually any data source.

related to their supply chain management system, minimizing both direct revenue loss and costs
related to lost productivity. The solution won the InfoWorld 100 award for best IT project of 2007.

A leading online travel company is using RTView
to provide a Business Activity (BAM) solution to minimize lost bookings. They implemented a

unified technical and business operations management interface that provides real-time information to business analysts, getting them closer to the information and enabling them to monitor and adjust business metrics and dashboards themselves with minimal programming in order to improve the percentage of successful bookings.

  RTView makes it both possible
  and practical for users to deliver   meaningful real-time operational   visibility so that they can, with   confidence, ensure that issues are   highlighted and addressed before   they become costly problems.

NYISO is a non-profit organization that operates New York State's bulk electricity grid and administers New York's wholesale electricity markets. NYISO is using RTView as a BAM solution to monitor real-time energy pricing. It provides traders with a pricing portal delivering real-time prices of electricity for hundreds of

market participants, enabling the traders to make the best buy and sell decisions.

One of the largest banks in the U.S. is using RTView to provide single-pane-of-glass visibility across six enterprise and custom-built applications, delivering customized views of both technology- and business-related KPIs for their IT operations teams, line-of-business users, and executive decision makers.

 Real-Time From the Ground Up
 The access, analytics, federation,
 and visualization of data within  RTView are all built from the ground  up to handle real-time information  efficiently, with minimal impact on  your architecture design and  performance.

Harrah's, the world's largest provider of branded casino entertainment, leverages RTView as an APM solution to provide visibility into both their TIBCO infrastructure and other systems that drive their business-critical Total Rewards loyalty program applications and processes. Following the revamp of the Total Rewards infrastructure, income from operations rose 26.6%.

Boeing is using RTView to provide the graphical interface for the Space-Based Space Surveillance's Pathfinder Satellite, a new satellite system designed to detect and track orbiting space objects, including orbital debris and other potential costly threats to U.S. space assets. This system is considered an essential element for the U.S. Air Force to develop a space situational-awareness capability.

Progress Software embeds RTView to deliver a BAM solution for customers using the Progress Apama CEP engine. Rebranded as Progress Apama BAM or the Progress Apama Studio Dashboard, RTView helps Progress provide decision-makers the ability to see operational activity in real time, generating alerts when conditions that warrant action are detected.

 Most Customizable
 You can not only show results quickly  through pre-configured dashboards,  analytics, alerts, and reports, but can  also  modify and customize  "everything" with  minimal coding, and  deploy into a variety  of existing  environments.

A leading global investment bank is leveraging RTView for TIBCO as a APM solution to monitor KPIs relating to their primary trading application via custom dashboards that monitor the performance of both the TIBCO infrastructure and the application itself.

One of the largest logistics companies in the US is using RTView to provide their customers with real-time tracking information on their shipments, as well as to reduce latency of information sharing between their headquarters and branches. RTView further provides their IT operations teams with a single-pane-of-glass view across all relevant machines, databases, applications, messages, and processes.
One of the world's largest food and beverage companies uses RTView and TIBCO to monitor usage of IT resources across their numerous divisions in order to enable divisional chargebacks.

 Involve All Necessary Data
 RTView can access and manage data from  virtually any source through out-of-the-box  and custom adapters, with minimal impact  on existing applications.

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