With more than 24 years experience in delivering process control systems for organizations including NASA, Honeywell, the Kennedy Space Station, ABB, and Foxboro, SL has developed a core expertise in helping companies to quickly deliver comprehensive real-time monitoring and visibility solutions.

SL Corporation's flagship product, the RTView platform, is a monitoring and visualization solution for the easy creation and deployment of highly customizable analytics, dashboards, alerts, and reports based on both real-time and historical data from virtually any data source. The RTView platform makes it both possible and practical for users to deliver meaningful real-time operational visibility so that they can, with confidence, ensure that issues are highlighted and addressed before they become costly problems.

The RTView Enterprise Monitor product is an end-to-end monitoring platform that incorporates infrastructure, middleware and application performance (APM) data and events. Tailored to the needs of application support teams, the platform provides filtered alerting and deep analysis with historical context to ensure the fastest response to threats before they impact critical applications and business services.

The RTView for TIBCO product is a comprehensive solution to extend the monitoring of TIBCO EMS, Rendezvous, and Hawk implementations, including pre-built adapters and dashboards - enabling TIBCO users to quickly provide real-time visibility solutions with virtually no programming.

The RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor product provides users with increased visibility into their Oracle Coherence grid status and effectiveness. It does so by aggregating and analyzing key scalability factors across the grid, and presenting the results through meaningful dashboards in real time as data is collected. This allows users to know exactly what is going on at any given point, even in high volume, high transactional environments.

RTView Core sits at the center of the entire suite of RTView product components, including the RTView Enterprise Monitor and its many pluggable Solution Packages. It consists of both a Real-Time Data Engine (the run-time system) and a suite of Development Tools for configuring diverse, interactive, and sophisticated data presentations.

The SL-GMS Development Tools are used by programmers for the creation of high-performance dynamic graphic interfaces across Java, C++, .NET, and ActiveX. SL's distinct yet completely integrated development systems promote rapid development, accelerate time-to-market for your application, reduce risk, and provide the lowest total cost of ownership.

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