Oracle Coherence Monitor Demos

RTView TIBCO EMS Monitor Demo
RTView TIBCO EMS Monitor product enables TIBCO users to continually assess and analyze the health and performance of their EMS infrastructure, gain early warning of issues with historical context, and effectively plan for capacity of their EMS servers. This video gives an overview of some of the most important displays.. View demo.

RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor Demos

RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor is a real-time monitoring and management application for Oracle Coherence in-memory data grids that efficiently collects monitoring data through JMX, generates alerts on exception conditions, and presents comprehensive views and reports on cluster health and performance. The product provides complete visibility into the status and configuration of a Coherence cluster, and is useful to developers and operators alike for troubleshooting and detailed analysis of cluster behavior. This 7-part demo series shows several comprehensive views and capabilities available with SL's Oracle Coherence Monitor.

Part 1: Overview of Displays
RTView OCM provides over 40 out-of-the-box views of important monitoring metrics including cluster, service, cache, node, JVM, storage and network status. What do they mean? This video gives an overview of some of the most important displays for troubleshooting and cluster performance analysis. View demo.

Part 2: Service Views
Are you doing more than simple puts and gets in your cluster? If so you will want to understand the activity, performance and resource usage information in the OCM Services displays.
View demo.

Part 3: All Caches Views
OCM's "All Cachesdisplays provide cluster-wide heat maps and other displays that enable you to see where your heap is being consumed, which caches have the greatest workload and whether you have "hotspotsin your cluster that could prevent the cluster from scaling.
View demo.

Part 4: Single Cache View
In most clusters, all caches are not created equal. OCM's "Single Cache displays allow you to look at all current and historical metrics about any cache, including currently activity, number and size of objects in a cache and important trend information.
View demo.

Part 5: All Nodes Views
OCM's "All Nodesdisplays enable you see your cluster as a whole and to drill down to any node that might look out of line, and view detailed troubleshooting information, such as network queues on each node of your cluster.
View demo

Part 6: Single Node View
OCM's "Single Nodeaggregates information from many MBeans to show all the information you might want to know about a particular node that might affect its health and performance. This includes both real-time and historical data.
View demo

Part 7: Custom and Other Views
This demo shows how you can configure and manage alerts, change properties on nodes and caches, view content in within a cache one object at a time, and tune performance of JMX MBean gathering.
View demo


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