RTView: Centralized Monitoring Across TIBCO-Centric Application Environments
SL’s Tom Lubinksi and Ted Wilson presented a special RTView webinar for TUCON attendee, including an overview of SL’s monitoring solutions for TIBCO EMS, BusinessWorks, Hawk, Rendezvous, and BusinessEvents. Details on how users can consolidate and correlate metrics and alerts from existing monitoring solutions and tools – including TIBCO applications and other critical applications and components – to provide comprehensive, single-pane-of-glass visibility were also shared.

TIBCO RTView and Monitoring the Enterprise
In this 30-minute presentation, SL’s Mark Bloomberg and Gopi Parimi demonstrated RTView for TIBCO EMS Monitor.  The presentation includes an overview of the RTView architecture and some examples of customer uses. Using RTView for EMS Monitor, companies have been able to reduce their time to problem resolution by 75% and reduce costs by 80%. The demo was followed by a Q&A session.

Building and Monitoring a Transactional Data Grid
In-memory data grids like Oracle Coherence allow developers to easily access shared memory across multiple cache nodes, harnessing the power of potentially hundreds of servers. Now with products from SL and CloudTran, you can use data grids for applications that need ACID-property transactions and gain useful insight into cache node performance and transaction throughput.

RTView for TIBCO BusinessWorks Monitor Overview
SL’s Mark Bloomberg and Gopi Parimi provided an overview and demonstrated  RTView for TIBCO BusinessWorks Monitor. The presentation provided  an overview of the RTView for TIBCO platform and BusinessWorks Monitor. The RTView for TIBCO BW monitor provides centralized real-time and historical performance metrics across all your BW servers, engines, processes and activities to better understand the health-state of your BW processes.

RTView for TIBCO EMS Monitor Overview
SL’s Mark Bloomberg and Gopi Parimi provided an overview and demonstrated the RTView for TIBCO EMS Monitor. The presentation provides an overview of the RTView for TIBCO product and what is new in the EMS Monitor. The presentation also includes an overview of the RTView architecture and some examples of customer uses. A demonstration of the EMS Monitor is provided by Gopi Parimi.

Identifying and Resolving Middleware Issues Four Times Faster at 1/5th the Operating Cost
Presented by Ted Wilson, SL’s Vice President of Business Development and Paulo Pereira, IT manager, TD Securities at TUCON 2011
In this session, TD Securities discusses how they are now able to detect, troubleshoot and resolve issues up and down the application stack long before they have an impact on the business. Identifying where a potential problem exists now takes 75% less time to identify and costs 80% less in operations fees. Attend this session and find out how TD Securities achieved significant cost savings relating to reduced degradations and outages, increased compliance, and increased productivity of their application teams.

Technology Audit Butler Group SL RTView for Real-time APM, BAM, BI, TIBCO, Coherence

ON24 Success Story: harnessing the Power of Oracle WebLogic Server/Oracle Coherence*Web
Presented by Tom Lubinski, Founder and CEO, SL Corporation and Alexander Livitz, Senior Java Performance Architect, ON24 at Oracle OpenWorld 2011
Leveraging Oracle WebLogic Server with Oracle Coherence*Web is becoming a standard approach to improving performance and scalability of complex applications. View this presentation to learn how ON24, a global leader in webcasting and virtual events, overcame the challenges associated with managing sessions across large WebLogic Server clusters by separating services (WebLogic Server pools and clusters) from HTTP sessions in order to improve performance and scalability, and make the overall system’s behavior more stable and predictable. The result? Higher throughput, lower latencies, more concurrent users and a significant increase in hardware ROI.

How to Achieve Success With Application Performance Monitoring Initiatives
Presented by Rodney Morrison, SL’s Vice President of Products at TradeTech Architecture 2011
The industry-accepted definitions of APM identify numerous requirements for an effective APM solution. Yet in an effort to simplify and categorize, crucial components of a successful APM initiative are left undocumented and overlooked. As a result, financial institutions who have done everything right – who have implemented APM solutions across every category of visibility – still find themselves unable to answer the basic question, “Are my critical applications performing as expected to support the business services of my bank?”

Reducing Outages and Degradations With Proactive Application Performance Monitoring
Presented by Ted Wilson, WSTA Financial Services Infrastructure Management seminar
Ted Wilson, SL’s VP of Business Development, discusses how 9 of the top 10 U.S. banks provide real-time, single-pane-of-glass visibility into their most critical and complex custom applications – leveraging all of their existing infrastructure and tools – to head-off potentially catastrophic failures and consistently meet internal SLAs. A case study of a top 5 bank is also presented..

Technology Audit Butler Group SL RTView for Real-time APM, BAM, BI, TIBCO, Coherence

Coherence Performance Under the Microscope
Presented by Tom Lubinski, Oracle Coherence London SIG
In this technical talk, Tom Lubinksi outlines the underlying schematics of messages, requests and tasks. He discussed what they are, why you should care and which ones are important, especially in a production system. Tom then explains how these metrics relate to the workings of the distributed cache service, the invocation service and entry processors. He will show you how to plot these metrics to literally “see” how Coherence is executing your code and using system resources.

Inside the Coherence Management Framework
Presented by Everett Williams, Oracle Coherence London SIG
As the lead engineer and contributor to the Coherence Management Framework, Everett (now working for SL Corporation) presents an inside view of the Coherence Management Framework, how it works, is put together, things you may not know about and how to use the JMX Reporter.

10 Crucial Steps to Ensuring Performance of TIBCO BusinessWorks
SL’s VP of Products, Rodney Morrison, discusses the 10 crucial steps to ensuring TIBCO BusinessWorks performance, and how you can quickly diagnose and resolve issues relating to your BW implementation.

10 Tricks to Ensure Your Oracle Coherence Cluster is Not a "Black Box" in Production
Configuration of Oracle Coherence can be tricky. While Coherence provides highly valuable in-memory caching and parallel processing features, things don’t always go as planned, and changes can be extremely difficult to make once you’re in production. SL’s Founder and CTO, Tom Lubinski covers 10 things you can do to ensure your Coherence cluster is easy to support in production.

Persist the "Power of Now" - Five Reasons You Need History to Ensure the Performance of Your TIBCO-Based Applications
Learn how you can easily and cost-effectively provide historical context to the monitoring and troubleshooting of EMS and BusinessWorks, and optimize the performance of your critical TIBCO-based applications.

How Healthways Delivered Almost Infinite Scalability for Their "Grid Everywhere“ Environment Based on SL's RTView for Oracle
More and more companies like Healthways are looking to front-end their entire database infrastructure with Oracle Coherence in order to achieve the scalability, availability and throughput their organizations require. In doing so, however, the need to monitor Coherence, gain better insight into cluster behavior, and access data contained within the caches becomes even more critical. Join Kevin Forbes, enterprise architect for Healthways and Oracle Fusion Middleware evangelist, and Tom Lubinski, president and CEO of SL Corporation, for an in-depth look at how Healthways has been able to deliver almost infinite scalability for their Embrace Platform using SL’s RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor.

Two-Minute Advantage - Monitoring TIBCO Middleware
New features and out-of-the-box functionality for users of TIBCO Hawk, EMS, and Rendezvous continue to make RTView the most robust TIBCO monitoring solution available.

The Rise of Centralized Application Performance Management: Four Case Studies
Learn how leading companies in ecommerce, transportation/logistics, financial services, and hotels/casinos/resorts have successfully implemented a 360˚ APM solution to address very different APM challenges. Each of these Fortune 500 companies ranks among the top 4 in their industry.

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