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Many of the world's largest companies rely on TIBCO to power their most important business applications. TIBCO support teams often have limited visibility into dependencies among infrastructure and middleware components that support a business service. In addition, it can be difficult to prioritize alerts and to identify which are important. And support teams often require multiple monitors and user interfaces for different middleware components.

RTView Enterprise Monitor – TIBCO addresses these challenges. RTView EM – TIBCO is a holistic and highly flexible software application that enables proactive monitoring of TIBCO-based applications and services, enabling users to:

  • Identify the business impact of performance issues with TIBCO middleware & supporting infrastructure and prioritize support efforts

  • Drill-down from high level single pane of glass views into TIBCO middleware layers to understand where performance issues originated and how to address them.

  • Aggregate, correlate, and manage alerts from TIBCO EMS, TIBCO BusinessWorks, TIBCO BusinessEvents, and TIBCO Hawk a single console view

  • Archive all metrics to a relational database for historical analysis


Service-centric monitoring enables a high level, single pane of glass view of your critical applications and services, either across the enterprise or a view that can be easily customized to your specific support team, business unit or domain area. You can filter these alerts by business impact, maximum alert state, or by other specific metrics.

Any alerts that occur in any supporting components are associated with that service through RTView EM’s CMDB/Service Model, enabling you to drill down to view a service’s component dependencies, and can drill down directly to the specific component to view its historical performance and availability metrics.

Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Overview Screenshot

Alert Management

With RTView EM, you can centralize and aggregate monitoring information gathered from TIBCO EMS, BusinessWorks, and BusinessEvents Solution Packages and others tools TIBCO Hawk or in a single alert view.

  1. Create a customized view of just the alerts you care about across multiple TIBCO middleware tiers

  2. Use global alert settings or fine tune alerts to your individual needs

  1. Determine how and when user interactions have impacted the alert system via the audit trail display

  2. Manage users to maintain best practices for alert handling
Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Overview Screenshot

CMDB/Service Model

An important part of the RTView EM solution is the hierarchical CMDB (Configuration Management Database) interface, that enables you to link all Configuration Items in your system to Services.  When you do this, you will be able to deliver the "single-pane-of-glass" views making visible all metrics from your Solution Packages in all the relevant EM displays. 

Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Overview Screenshot

Architecture Diagram

Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Overview Screenshot

Solution Packages

SL’s RTView Enterprise Monitor uses Solution Packages to gather and process performance metrics from a wide variety of different technologies. It presents this information in central, single-pane-of-glass views and pre-defined drill down displays across all applications.  

RTView EM – TIBCO comes with the following Solution Packages:

  • TIBCO EMS (Enterprise Message Service) Solution Package
  • TIBCO BW (BusinessWorks) Solution Package
  • TIBCO BE (BusinessEvents) Solution Package

You also have the option to extend RTView Enterprise Monitor – TIBCO with other available Solution Packages including:

  1. JVMs
  2. Tomcat
  3. GlassFish Servers
  4. Oracle WebLogic Servers
  5. Oracle Databases
  6. Oracle Coherence
  1. IBM WebSphere Servers
  2. IBM DB2 Databases
  3. IBM MQ Brokers
  4. VMware Hosts/VMs
  5. Amazon AWS


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