Solutions for Oracle CEP Users

The RTView for Oracle product provides comprehensive, fully integrated monitoring solutions across an array of Oracle products including Oracle Coherence, Oracle WebLogic and Oracle Complex Event Processing (CEP). Oracle CEP is a complete solution for building applications to filter, correlate and process events in real-time so that downstream applications, service-oriented architectures and event-driven architectures are driven by true, real-time intelligence.

SL's RTView platform provides Oracle CEP users with 1) deep-dive monitoring of their CEP implementation enabling advanced perfor-mance tuning and fast troubleshooting of both the Oracle CEP engine and the underlying Oracle Coherence in-memory data grid, and 2) a unique, lightweight yet customizable visualization solution enabling users to respond more quickly to meaningful events.

Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Overview Screenshot

Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Summary Screenshot


Deep-Dive Monitoring for Improved CEP Performance

As the quantity and speed of events grows, the need to squeeze every last drop of performance out of an event processing and analytics platform is key. Oracle CEP combined with Oracle Coherence provides numerous opportunities for users to manipulate and fine-tune their high performance CEP implementations. However, users require deep performance monitoring with historical context in order to take full advantage of the array of configuration options provided by Oracle CEP.

RTView provides users of Oracle CEP with deep monitoring into a wide array of performance metrics including the latency and throughput of the CEP engine, and the performance of Oracle Coherence. This provides the seamless integration of monitoring and analysis up and down the CEP stack. Further, the information has greater meaning as RTView is able to juxtapose real-time performance metrics against historical data to provide the greatest context and remedy performance issues as quickly as possible.

Customizable Visualization of Event Streams

RTView also provides a lightweight yet customizable visualization platform for the event streams generated by the Oracle CEP engine, enabling the delivery of more complete and flexible views, faster and more cost-effectively than with other solutions.

Technical and business users alike can leverage the RTView Builder to create custom displays that present the situational information generated by the Oracle CEP engine in exactly the way they need to view it in order to make any potential impact more readily interpreted, and speed an appropriate response. Information derived from a CEP engine can be aggregated with information from other systems and applications, as well as from historical caches, to create a more complete picture of the real-time status of events and their impact on the business.


  • Visibility into the latency and throughput of the Oracle CEP engine
  • Seamless, deep-dive monitoring of Oracle CEP and Oracle Coherence, as well as related components
  • Most modular, lightweight and scalable solution
  • Extensive customization capabilities enable custom views, alerts and reports for CEP-generated event streams
  • Highly efficient JMX data collection results in fastest detection of unusual conditions
  • Distributed deployment architecture provides for remote monitoring across firewalls and geographies
  • Open data access provides web-service access to ALL monitoring data, both current and historical


For Developers

  • Better fine-tune the performance of both the Oracle CEP engine and Oracle Coherence data grid
  • Improve productivity - understand the behavior of Oracle CEP and Oracle Coherence, and the effect of implementation options
  • Facilitate testing, debug and validate functionality after configuration changes

For IT Operators:

  • Provide technical and business users alike with customizable visualization features
  • Integrate RTView for Oracle CEP and Oracle Coherence Monitoring data, views or alerts with existing monitoring tools and data from other applications/systems
  • Enable quick determination and notification of problems anywhere in the CEP stack
  • Provide high-level summary views with drilldown to detail data for troubleshooting
  • Perform enhanced analytics of the impact of a meaningful event on related business operations