RTView TIBCO BW Monitor

SL's RTView TIBCO BW Monitor product takes the time and guesswork out of monitoring and troubleshooting TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks implementations. This out-of-the-box solution provides a centralized view of both real-time and historical performance metrics across numerous BusinessWorks engines and related services, processes and activities.

Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Overview Screenshot
Summary showing the status and memory
consumption of all BusinessWorks engines.

Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Summary Screenshot
Heatmap summary of BusinessWorks
processes against various performance metrics.


Companies rely on BusinessWorks (BW) to expose existing systems as services, build new services, and orchestrate and assemble services into applications. In doing so, typically each business service created is associated with its own BW engine, or set of load-balanced BW engines. Larger implementations may have hundreds of BW engines associated with numerous services and critical processes for the company.

The challenge is, if a BW engine goes down, the associated service and processes often go down with it. Such a problem may manifest itself as a process timing out (elapsed time for completion takes too long) or excess process memory usage, for example.

Until now, the only way to monitor and troubleshoot BW engines was off of Hawk alerts. Typically, when an alert is triggered, the first step would be to log into each affected server to determine whether the BW engines on that server were up and running. However, the administration interface only gives the current state of each BW engine with no way to look back at the time interval when the alert was triggered.

If all of the engines appear to be up and running, the next step would be to pour through log files for each BW engine and look at the data around the time of the alert. But this history is only regarding the alert, not the data that created the alert condition. The person responsible for troubleshooting would have to manually correlate data from all of the BW engines affected - assuming it is known which ones were affected - in order to infer what went wrong and resolve the problem. By this time, significant time has passed since the BW engine, service and business-critical processes went down.


RTView TIBCO BW Monitor provides out-of-the-box displays that show both real-time and historical performance metrics across all identified BW engines, as well as related services, processes and activities. The metrics available are numerous and include, for example:

  • server memory and CPU usage

  • BW engine memory usage and thread count

  • process execution time

Users are also able to access summary views across multiple BW engines and their process loads, dramatically speeding the correlation of crucial troubleshooting data.


New in RTView TIBCO BW Monitor 5.9

  • BW Monitor Alerts – The RTView alerting system enables users to define default thresholds against an entire deployment of BW engines. In addition, pre-defined alert rules, administration screens to customize alert thresholds, and alert event management help users filter and respond to the most critical alerts.

  • Integration of Hawk Alerts –  Existing Hawk rule bases can be integrated into the BW Monitor alerting system.

  • History – The RTView BW Monitor historian stores and manages the aging of important performance data so that analysis can be performed against critical metrics at any point of time in the past.

  • Support for Large BusinessWorks Deployments – RTView BW Monitor can scale to very large BusinessWorks deployments, incorporating into a single view the real-time performance of hundreds of BusinessWorks Engines across geographically dispersed domains.

  • Enhanced User Navigation – The user navigation has been significantly enhanced to provide additional metrics, new navigation, and advanced sorts and views that help users to better identify potential bottlenecks in their TIBCO environments.

  • Monitoring the Monitor – Users can view how RTView BW Monitor is performing to ensure RTView scales with the TIBCO environment.

General Features

  • Dramatically speed the correlation of crucial troubleshooting data for BW

  • Compare real-time performance information across multiple BW engines, servers, processes and activities within
    a single view

  • Leverage historical information to provide a centralized view of BW metrics over specific time intervals Navigate through the data to assess the history behind the metrics associated with the problem

  • Create custom monitoring displays (optional though the RTView Builder, not included)




All BW Server Heat Map View

  1. High level view of BW server performance for CPU and Memory utilization or the number of alerts on any BW server. Helps you immediately identify faulty or under-performing servers and reduce support costs

  2. Drill down to see performance of each BW engine, processes and activities

All BW Server Grid View

  1. Single at-a-glance view of current and historical performance of all BW Servers

    1. CPU: Current and History

    2. Memory: Current and History

    3. Number of Deployed & Active Engines

    4. Server Status: Active

  2. Saves time to troubleshoot

  3. Assists in capacity planning

  4. Can reduce support costs

Single BW Server Summary

  1. See a complete picture for individual server health and performance with any component alerts.

Historian with data compaction

  1. Visualize message data in trend charts and go back in time to view message metrics from prior periods. Aids in determining capacity utilization and planning, reduces time to troubleshoot.

  2. Compaction feature helps save database space and reduce licensing costs.

Administer, View, or Customize BW Alerts

  1. Centralize and manage all BW alerts from Hawk and other RTView BW alerts in the central RTView EM alert console

    • Track  alerts for entire BW environment even if Hawk alerts have not yet been configured

    • Auto-discover new BW instances even if Hawk has not been yet manually configured

RTView Enterprise Monitor

Many of SL's customers are tasked with managing dozens, if not hundreds, of applications across their organizations. Some applications or components may already have their own monitoring tools; others may be supported by internally developed solutions such as scripts or log files.

A separate product offering, SL's RTView for Enterprise Monitor enables users to consolidate metrics from existing monitoring solutions and tools in order to provide visibility across an entire application infrastructure including TIBCO applications and other critical application components.

Combining SL's middleware monitoring solutions for TIBCO with RTView Enterprise Monitor, TIBCO users are able to:

  • Gather, correlate and present performance data from a wide array of critical applications and components

  • Quickly deliver tailored dashboards, reliable alerts, deep-dive troubleshooting and historical analysis of system behavior

  • Easily build custom monitoring applications, or extend RTView's out-of-the-box middleware packages to a more complete APM solution

  • Quickly deploy a comprehensive, integrated APM solution that reduces risk and costs.

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