RTView for TIBCO

For organizations that rely heavily on middleware, the ability to successfully detect, correlate and resolve issues related to their TIBCO infrastructure can greatly reduce costs associated with degradations. Optimizing and effectively provisioning the environment can further reduce costs. Most importantly, such capabilities can help to ensure the highest level of performance of the applications and business services that depend on TIBCO middleware in order to protect revenue opportunities, end-user productivity and customer satisfaction.

SL’s RTView for TIBCO products provide comprehensive monitoring solutions for critical mid-tier TIBCO applications including TIBCO Enterprise Message Service, ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, and Rendezvous. RTView also extends the monitoring capabilities of TIBCO Hawk, and enables monitoring of any TIBCO technology that leverages Hawk or JMX including TIBCO BusinessEvents and ActiveMatrix.


Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Overview Screenshot
RTView display of aggregated traffic statistics
across multiple Rendezvous daemons

Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Overview Screenshot
Developed for Harrah's Entertainment,
a custom Hawk display

RTView extends Hawk monitoring, enabling users to:

  • Consolidate Hawk monitoring across multiple domains and transports into central, high-level displays
  • Customize specialized displays to fit unique needs of the business
  • Persist Hawk statistics and content to historical database for trend analysis
  • Support capacity planning and charge-back functions through the aggregation of statistics over time and custom reporting
  • Role based, security-enabled monitoring to limit access as needed
  • Issue Hawk commands
  • Optionally deploy displays in browsers, portals, and mobile devices
  • Expose AMI implemented information in displays

The RTView Rendezvous Monitor enables users to:

  • Monitor important traffic statistics about all RV daemons on the network
  • Auto-discover RV daemons and provide dashboards that consolidate and provide easy access to critical information
  • Archive metrics in RTView Historian for trend analysis
  • Define and monitor a series of Rendezvous messages as a single transaction