RTView UX Monitor

End-user experience monitoring is a key component of an end-to-end application performance monitoring (APM) solution.

SL’s RTView UX Monitor is an End-User Experience Monitoring solution that both measures service latencies from a true end user’s perspective, and proactively signals application issues that may be affecting the customer experience. Such early warning helps application support teams to uncover and resolve performance issues before end users experience them.

Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Overview ScreenshotTop level summary views allow you to see, at a glance, which applications are performing well and from which environment or location.

Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Summary Screenshot
When problems are found, users can drill down
to the application and transaction steps to view the
performance history and determine exactly when and where degradations started.


Monitoring transactions from an end-user's perspective provides a critical high-level indication of potential latencies experienced by customers. Lack of visibility into the end-user's experience may lead to:

  • reduced early warning of potential application issues

  • reduced ability to prioritize issues based on their customer-facing impact

  • extended troubleshooting timeframes

  • compromised customer service levels and perception

  • increased costs due to downtime and missed SLAs


SL's RTView UX Monitor is an End-User Experience Monitoring solution that both measures service latencies against historical thresholds from a true end-user's perspective, and proactively signals performance degradations that may be affecting the customer experience. This is accomplished by capturing actual end-user transactions and using them to automatically perform simulated business transactions at configurable rates on client machines placed at various geographically dispersed sites.

The calculated latencies of the back-end system response times - as experienced from these various sites - are then published to a central console for analysis of the performance history over time and for automated alerting.


SL's RTView UX Monitor is unique in its ability to help companies achieve the primary goal of APM - to minimize mean time to repair of application issues - because it is seamlessly integrated with deep-dive monitoring and troubleshooting, historical context, and component-level resolution tools to fix issues as quickly as possible.

RTView Monitor enables companies to:

  • identify when poor IT service is impacting the business

  • improve the quality of service delivered

  • integrate IT with business priorities through more effective communication with line-of-business counterparts

  • reduce the mean time to resolve issues by proactively identifying and isolating the source of performance issues
  • reduce downtime costs by prioritizing issues according to their impact on the business.