"RTView is arguably the most versatile product that we have seen in the BAM/Operational BI space, as well as the most extensive… As the product becomes more widely known, we expect it to represent the benchmark against which other such products are measured."
-Philip Howard
Research Director, Bloor Research

360˚ APM - The Next Generation of Application Performance Management

Michael Biddick, Contributing Editor, Network Computing Magazine, renowned APM expert, and author of the recent article, "Holistic APM."
Rodney Morrison, Vice President of Products, SL Corporation

There is a new generation of APM solutions. It’s being driven out of a frustration with technologies that can only view one slice of the application pie. A frustration with vendors that have cobbled together monitoring tools through acquisition in order to be able to market broader visibility. A frustration with early APM investments or in-house attempts that still cannot provide a single interface to the end-to-end performance of an application.

In this webcast, we’ll examine the next generation of solutions for application performance management – 360˚ APM – and provide best practices on how to:

  • Provide a single view into complex, multi-tier applications
  • Involve real-time data from virtually any data source, and present it alongside historical data for context
  • Deliver an integrated system, enabling seamless analysis across applications and layers, and drill-down to pinpoint root cause and initiate repair
  • Provide a flexible environment for the creation of holistic application service views that is easy and non-invasive to integrate, and cost-effective to deploy and maintain

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