Professional Services

In addition to our product offerings, SL Corporation provides professional services to help our customers adapt our products to their environment and to extend the products to meet their requirements. SL's Solutions Engineering team leverages the open architecture of RTView to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of software products, software components, and custom software.

SL delivers an implementation into small manageable projects with an emphasis on immediate results. We believe the key to success includes the hands-on involvement of the end users.  Since 1983, with 81,000 licenses distributed worldwide, we have learned, involving the customer is the best guarantee that the users will be provided with the right approach, using the right information.

At SL, we draw from experience of multiple projects, in combination with a thorough knowledge of our product capabilities, to deliver results to your end users. We leverage the most sophisticated graphical interface, which happens to be coupled with our revolutionary open information delivery platform; RTView. SL consultants work closely with your end users and requirements to rapidly create business solutions that meet your needs.

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