Extending IBM Tivoli Netcool

RTView Enterprise Monitor extends IBM Tivoli Netcool to provide application support teams with the visibility they need to understand how Netcool events impact their particular applications and services, and enables filtering and enrichment of Netcool events to better determine how to solve problems as they are happening.

Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Overview Screenshot
A top level heatmap indicating the health state of an organization. The red color indicates the services with
the most business critical alert conditions. Netcool alerts
are enriched to show criticality in addition to severity.

Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Summary Screenshot
Drill down screen showing the history of
host, metrics over time, any Netcool alerts
raised against this host and the dependent
services impacted by this host.


While many organizations publish Netcool events to their application support teams, often these events become noise due to a lack of context and relevance. RTView interfaces with Netcool events and data to provide application support teams with a visibility system that is both about them, and under their control.



The features of this tailored event management solution include:

  • Enrichment of Netcool events through introspection of the event and correlation with additional application and infrastructure data to determine the services or groups impacted, and ensure the event is actionable

  • Annotation of events with details about who interacted with the event and how the event was evaluated and handled

  • Filtering of Netcool events based on role, business service, and defined suppression parameters so that each application support team member only sees what they care about

  • Top-level views with drill down into the full content of a Netcool alert, and analysis of the alert data against historical trends to prioritize the alert based on potential impact

Use Cases

Fortune 100 companies currently using RTView Enterprise Monitor to extend Netcool events are leveraging up to four RTView functional modules to deliver the visibility required by their application support teams:

1)   Holistic, single-pane-of-glass views – bringing together all of the data from Netcool and other systems and applications that RTView is monitoring, as well as data from other monitoring tools, all in one place

2)   Correlation and filtering of events, storage of history, and centralized views across all events via a highly scalable and flexible platform

3)   Event management – workflow describing who owns an event, how it is handled and how it is ultimately resolved

4)   Business impact – similar to a BSM solution for Netcool, enrichment of alerts based on a service
dependency model to see the impact on services of those events