Solutions for CEP Engine Users

The goal of Complex Event Processing, or CEP, is to enable the real-time discovery and situational understanding of business opportunities and threats - as indicated by the events flowing through all layers of an enterprise IT infrastructure - in order that they may be acted upon in real time to bolster business operations. However, complete situational understanding cannot be fully automated. It requires a human element to make sense of the raw data generated by the CEP engine.

What SL's RTView platform enables is simple:

SL's RTView platform enables users of leading CEP engines to more quickly and more accurately interpret raw event streams in order to make faster, better business decisions.

Solutions for CEP Engine Users, Complex Event Processing, Business Activity Monitoring

Complex event processing is not new. The ability to acquire information that's relevant, detect what is a significant state change, analyze the macro impact of multiple events, and respond appropriately has been in use within command and control systems for decades. In fact, many of these systems - including those at ABB, Foxboro, Honeywell and NASA - were built on SL technology.

Processing raw events and event streams for business opportunities and threats requires a robust and rapidly deployable visualization solution. RTView, in concert with state-of-the-art event processing software, provides the framework for a complete sense-and-respond capability for businesses. This is the reason that numerous Fortune 500 companies have chose RTView as the best visualization platform to complement their event processing/CEP eco system.

SL provides a Business Activity Monitor for CEP, a sophisticated human interface to the raw event streams generated by the CEP engine enabling users to:

  • respond more quickly to meaningful events through better visualization
  • respond more accurately by providing historical context and aggregation of CEP information with data from other applications/systems
  • better fine-tune the identification of a meaningful event through feedback into the CEP system
  • provide enhanced analytics of the impact of a meaningful event on related business operations

Users can leverage RTView to create custom displays that present the situational information generated by the CEP engine in exactly the way they need to view it in order to make its impact more readily interpreted and speed an appropriate response. The information has greater meaning as RTView is able to juxtapose real-time CEP information against historical data for context. Further, information derived from a CEP engine can be aggregated with information from other systems and applications to create a more complete picture of the real-time status of events and their impact on the business.

The alternative is for users to build their own visualization application with tools and software packages that are more appropriate for rendering data base information. RTView provides functionality specifically designed for the real-time visualization of CEP information:

  • Graphical objects optimized for real-time data visualization
  • A Builder environment which allows users to subscribe to event streams and visualize information without programming
  • Multi-tiered data distribution - RTView data servers provide an intermediate server used to broker requests for CEP engine information and deliver them to requesting clients so that not every client visualization application is directly hitting a CEP server
  • Multi-deployment support - Users can create visualizations once and run in a desktop application, Java Webstart, or thin client browsers with AJAX and Flash without modification

Where CEP empowers the event, RTView empowers the user. By leveraging RTView in combination with a leading CEP engine, users can deliver more meaningful information to the enterprise in real time, ensuring faster troubleshooting of issues, and faster response to the situations that can propel their businesses forward.