Middleware Architecture

SL's RTView platform is uniquely engineered to handle large, complex environments, especially those involving middleware, in-memory data grids and custom applications. Customers are able to leverage the most advanced in-memory caching system for data manipulation and high-speed analytics, as well as access large volumes of real-time data, navigate and drill-down through multiple tiers, and scale horizontally across geographic regions. The RTView platform can dramatically Reduce the time, cost and risk associated with monitoring and managing systems in the middleware and server tier.

Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Overview Screenshot
Smart & Final's IT Operations teams are able to
monitor all supporting systems from a single
display, as well as start and stop processes,
disable or enable rules, and drill through to their
Oracle Enterprise Management system as necessary.

Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Summary Screenshot
The Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Overview
enables users to view a summary of performance
metrics in the Oracle Coherence Cluster, and to
drill down into cache services or more detail.


IT Operations teams have a variety of options for gathering metrics from the various middleware components that support their critical application and business services. Some monitoring products provide agents specifically designed to gather and distribute such information. More often, data comes from a wide variety of sources and may include SNMP network information, messaging middleware statistics, and database, application server, web server, application or other performance metrics.

The challenge becomes how to make effective use of this massive amount of information and to customize the delivery in a format relevant to users at all levels of the business. These challenges include:

  • Collection and effective aggregation of these metrics into summaries to represent service performance and availability
  • Efficient distribution and graphic presentation of critical information in a complex, distributed IT infrastructure
  • Consolidation of monitoring and control of a variety of applications into a centralized command console
  • Establishment of thresholds, alerts and automated responses


SL offers middleware monitoring solutions across a broad range of middleware and server tier domains:

  • Web Services
  • Application Servers
  • Database Managers
  • Business Process Managers
  • Distributed Caching Systems
  • Message-Oriented Middleware
  • System and Middleware Management Tools

Data can be obtained using a variety of protocols such as JMX, WMI, SQL queries, SNMP, log files and custom adapters.


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